Carmina o revienta (2012) is a Spanish comedy film that is narrated in largely a monologue format yet feels interesting. It is about Carmina who runs a bar with an eatery that has run into tough times with frequent robberies and the insurance company rejected her claims on flimsy grounds. How she gets back at them is the story.

Carmina is a self-made woman, who dominates over her alcoholic husband and maintains her daughter, a single mother and the grand-daughter. After covering the problems with the eatery due to the robberies, the film moves on to show the boldness of Carmina – the way she handles the debt collector and the accident caused by her license-less daughter were brilliant. Carmina Barrios who is the protagonist has done the role effortlessly.

Everyone in the film keeps smoking non-stop. At the end, I felt I had been coughing for long!

By the time the film reaches the climax, we are able to pretty much guess what has happened and the result, robbing us of any suspense which was the idea of narrating the story in a flashback style. Still, if you have a bit of patience you can check out this film.

Carmina or Blow Up (Spanish: Carmina o revienta)

Carmina or Blow Up (Spanish: Carmina o revienta)

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