A Man Called Ove (2015) is a comedy-drama from Sweden about a sexagenarian named Ove Lindahl, who lives alone in a gated community. The film starts with him going on rounds every morning, taking it upon himself to be the community rules enforcer and then to be fired from the train company where he had worked for 43 years. Not finding any purpose in life, he decides to take his own life to join his dead wife (Sonja), fortunately, he keeps failing in his attempts and see the portions of his past life in flashback during each episode.

The screenplay is familiar and proceeds predictably, but the film was made engaging by the good acting by Rolf Lassgård, as “Ove”, who shoulders the entire film. Set in Sweden, the film presented a glimpse of life there, and that made it interesting for me.

The film is based on author Fredrik Backman‘s 2012 book of the same name. The movie was screened as part of the Swedish Film Festival organized by the Embassy of Sweden & Indo-Cine Appreciation foundation.

A Man Called Ove (Swedish: En man som heter Ove)

A Man Called Ove (Swedish: En man som heter Ove)

Update: In 2022, the film was remade in English titled “A Man Called Otto” starring Tom Hanks.

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