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The art of slow travel

This year-end many of us have cancelled our vacation travels. Let me help you. Join me in this 30-minute talk on “SLOW TRAVEL”.

I believe, when you (are finally able to) travel it is important to be comfortable, observe the places, stop and smell the roses on the way. Then take a few good pictures for memory and to enjoy the local food and culture. I call this as “Lazy Travel”. It is about not hurrying to finish the items in your checklist, certainly not about camping or long stays, but to plan for spending reasonable time to do justice to a place that you are going.

Let me know in the comments below your slow-travel experience.

An earlier version of this talk I had delivered early last-year (2019) to a group of professionals hosted by Sterling Holidays in Ooty.

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  • Triguna

    hi venkatarangan Sir, I like your “SLOW TRAVEL” concept. Truly, we have to plan to spend reasonable time to do justice for the place we are visiting. Thanks Sir for sharing such a great video content.

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