Living with an octogenarian mother is tough. My mom manages to make my everyday life as complex as [humanly] possible with her constant instructions, which I can never complete in the order she has imagined in her head or at the perfection levels she wants 🙂.

This means from the morning till bedtime I face her constant beratement. While all this sucks out the positive vibes a new day brings, I can’t get mad at her and vent out, because I know well all this comes out of her love & care. From her perspective, these are for my “Good”; She doesn’t understand a bit these could irritate and stress me. I wish my (maternal) grandparents come in her dreams and advise my mom that anything in excess is not good!

A few months during lockdown I wrote a post about one incident with my mother in detail (in Tamil), you can read that here.

Do you have any experience (positive or negative) of living with your mother? Please share it in the comments.

[The picture on the top of the page is a caricature of my mom, printed in a t-shirt by her grandkids with her favourite dialogue “பாவம்”, the Tamil word meaning “Pity”]

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