If #China has super-power ambitions, they need to “up” their #marketing & #PR efforts. Look at the #USA, here are 3 well-known examples:

  1. Every three years, the world news everywhere is dominated by #American Presidential elections for the following twelve months, even though people outside the America have little reason to care about them. To make everyone read and talk about a news item that has no real impact for them is a dream for branding managers.
  2. Every year, the nine months preceding a new #Apple #iPhone launch, it is the major item covered all the time by tech press around the world. Following the iPhone launch, the next 3 months it is only about the new phone talked in the tech sections of all newspapers and social media
  3. Most of the fake news about climate change, weather, natural disasters & astronomy that gets spread in #WhatsApp & #SocialMedia have (lied) #NASA as their source.

To the list, you can add Hollywood Movies & American TV Shows, but those are very obvious. Will you add more to the list of American marketing geniuses, please post in the comments below.

[Disclaimer: These are meant to be branding & marketing only tweets]

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