Though I am a Google Chrome user for years now, I have had flings with Vivaldi, Brave and Microsoft Edge (IE). My earlier post on “Why I am trying Brave Browser and reverted to Google Chrome?“.

My backup browser has always been Firefox. I am not paranoid with Google and Facebook knowing about what I choose to share publicly. Hence, the arguments to stay away from Google doesn’t appeal much to me. But, with Microsoft’s announcement of Edge moving to Chromium, I got intrigued and was waiting.

Last week, the Edge beta came out and I have been using – it feels noticeably faster than Chrome in Windows 10 and much cleaner in UI and fonts (I can’t quantify, it is just a feeling). I am able to get all the Chrome Extensions that I need. There is the Microsoft PDF Reader that I loved in Edge. It is really the best of both worlds. I am liking it so much, that I have uninstalled Google Chrome for good(?).

You can install Microsoft Edge Beta powered by Open-Source Chromium from here.

Microsoft Edge Beta - - August 2019

Microsoft Edge Beta – – August 2019

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