Chennai Restaurant Review

Homely Dosa varieties

In the past, I have written about two places in Chennai, “Seena Bhai 1977 Dosa Centre” & “Tosai, Ashok Nagar“, where you can get tasty dosa varieties at ordinary prices. I would like to add to that list, this roadside eatery (in a mobile stand) called “Sri Bharathi Evening Tiffin Centre” (ஸ்ரீ பாரதி ஈவினிங் டிபன் சென்டர் ).  The stand is in West Mambalam area, at the intersection of Vinayagam Street and Vivekanandapuram First Street, Google Map location. The stand is open only for a few hours from 5:30 PM every day (closed on Sundays).

The stand is manned by a single man – he is the chef, the waiting staff (server), the cashier and the owner. He makes some of the best Dosa’s (தோசை) and yummiest chutneys I have tasted outside of my home. The Dosa’s are prepared right in front of you and served piping hot in a plate topped with banana leaf. You can get a variety of Dosas and the best part is each of them cost only Rs.40:

  1. Set Dosa – செட்தோசை மற்றும் வடைகறி
  2. Vegetable Dosa – வெஜிடபிள் தோசை
  3. Onion Dosa – ஆனியன் தோசை
  4. Masala Dosa – மசால் தோசை
  5. Garlic Dosa – பூண்டு தோசை
  6. Mint Dosa – புதினா தோசை
  7. Tomato Dosa – தக்காளி தோசை
  8. Jasmine Dosa – மல்லி தோசை
  9. Millet Dosa – ராகி தோசை
  10. Rye Dosa – கம்பு தோசை
  11. Wheat Dosa – கோதுமை தோசை
  12. Ghee Dosa -நெய் தோசை
  13. Idli Chili Powder Dosa -பொடி தோசை
Sri Bharathi Evening Tiffin Centre – Famous for their yummy Dosa and lip smacking chutneys

Update 24 Dec 2019:

There is a video review by a Youtuber: YouTube.