My regular breakfast is a plate(s) of Idly / Dosa / Upma / Chapati / Bread and Cheese, I enjoy them all. What I got for breakfast, for two days this week was a rarity.

I can’t stand to be hungry and get crippled – so it is always suspense in the dining table as I don’t dare to ask my wife “my love, what’s for breakfast?”. The missis is an adventurous person, being her favourite lab rat in the house, I get tested with all her creations – they are always yummy!!

One day it was home-cooked vermicelli with cauliflower, beetroot and peas cooked in beetroot juice, topped with cream and served with turmeric chutney.

பீட்ரூட், பட்டாணி சேமியா

The other day it was chickpeas (kabuli chana), pomegranate, cucumber, and Cheese, sprinkled with spices & salt.

கொண்டைக் கடலை, மாதுளை, வெள்ளரி மற்றும் பாலாடைக்கட்டி

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