I laugh when I hear my (North Indian) friends say we don’t get good Lassi‘s when they visit Chennai. It is just that they don’t know where to look for.


Don’t go to Sowcarpet, at Kakada Ramprasad, you only get the best Badam Milk, but that’s not what we are looking for today.

The shop to get ‘real’ Lassi in Chennai is Bombay Lassi, located in a small lane (Barbar Agan Street, Ellis Road, Triplicane) behind Devi Theatre, Anna Salai.

Hands-down they make the best lassi’s I have tasted outside Gokul (Near Mathura), which was incomparable as it was the birthplace (I am saying so) of Lassi & Curd Family, thanks to Lord Krishna.

Many are rumoured to watching films in Devi Cineplex only for the chance to have Samosa, Jalebi and Lassi here.

Special Lassi at ₹54 (Less than USD 1)

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