With such an intriguing one-liner, you will be forgiven for expecting a hilarious TV series, unfortunately Living Biblically (2018) by Patrick Walsh turned out to be an unimaginative and poorly crafted show. CBS did a good thing by cancelling the series after the first season.

The show did start out well. Chip is a film critic at a local newspaper, who lives with his lovely wife Leslie. The news that his wife is pregnant comes as an epiphany for him. He decides he wants to be a good father and an honest man. With the help of the Father at the local church, he starts following The Holy Bible 100%. He starts with simple but interesting things – dress choices, food, telling the truth, loving the neighbour, forgiving enemies and so on. As you look forward to difficult decisions and thereby interesting stories, the series loses its temper, turning out to be a series of tired comedy episodes. The characters are poorly defined – there is little chemistry between Leslie and Chip, the friend and co-workers are cookie-cut personalities and no depth in the ad-hoc characters that come in.

The interactions between the Rabbi and the Father rather than being entertaining, turns out to be mini-sermons that resemble Google preview of The BibleVenkatarangan

(From left) Jay R. Ferguson as Chip Curry, Lindsey Kraft as Leslie Curry, David Krumholtz as Rabbi Gil Ableman and Ian Gomez as Father Gene

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