For almost the last 15 years, I have been using only the Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse accessories made by Microsoft, I love them. I am a 3 finger touch typist, it is all muscle memory for me, so I am not comfortable with any other keyboard or mouse.

Disclosure: I write reviews about products that I have bought for my usage and paid in full. There were no sponsorship or advertisement, or commission of any sort involved in this post. 

A few years ago (2016), I got the newer model – Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. Unfortunately, a year ago, I broke the USB dongle that attaches to the PC and provides the wireless connectivity. Sadly, the dongle is NOT available separately, so I had to buy a new keyboard and mouse. Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse are way expensive in India, compared to the USA, as probably Microsoft is not selling them directly here.

Shopping around and a recommendation from a friend I went with  Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Rs.6199 (US$ 89) from Amazon India. So far, I seem to like the keyboard and mouse. It has a stable wireless connection with my laptop. It supports connecting to three PCs (or Mac) and you can switch between them easily with the dedicated button for each device the keyboard/mouse has been paired – the first device is paired with the dongle, the second and the third are paired using Bluetooth.

Notice the buttons labelled 1, 2, 3 in the keyboard and mouse (the buttons are in the side)

Notice the buttons labelled 1, 2, 3 in the keyboard and mouse (the buttons are in the side)

Update 1st June 2019:

After using for many months, I stopped using the above keyboard. The mouse was just fine, I didn’t have any complaints, but the keyboard started to feel stiff to my disliking.

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