There are movies that entertain you – some that make you think – others that add colour to your dreams. Only a very few will affect you, and one such film was The Florida Project (2017). A simple plot; the happenings during a summer season for a six-year-old girl raised by her single mom who is jobless. They are living in a low-income motel-residency on the outskirts of Disney World, Florida. The girl along with her two friends finds joy in their pranks, some on the verge of being rude, yet they are good kids. As the movie progresses, you feel as if you are one of the residents in the motel and that speaks about the fine job by Director Sean Baker.

Brooklynn Prince as the young girl Moonee has acted so well, and, her expressions are outstanding. The film is worth your time, just to watch the kid. Willem Dafoe who comes as the manager of the motel has given a great performance – balancing his duty to ensure order in the property, and, taking care of his residents’ overall well-being. In one scene, where the way he handles an old fellow (probably a paedophile) strolling into the area where kids are playing, throwing him out, was brilliant.

Be prepared – “The Florida Project” can be both fun and depressing. You will certainly come out feeling see the sufferings of a whole class of society in America (and everywhere else) that is seldom being talked about in media.

Christopher Rivera, Brooklynn Prince & Valeria Cotto

Christopher Rivera, Brooklynn Prince & Valeria Cotto

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