Live Search impressed me today

Many times we find Google able to give appropriate answers when you are looking for something, especially with their built in calculator/formulae/conversion and other tools integrated in search. Today I wanted to know when was Deepavali (note the Tamil word I am using here instead of Hindi Diwali) this year. Without thinking much, I typed in IE 7 Search Box Deepavali 2007 and to my surprise I got the correct answer from Live Search. Check out the screen shot below. Google didn’t understand what I wanted and gave me usual web links as results :-)


Interestingly, Live Search seemed to know about most of the Indian Festivals including Pongal, Holi and others.  Impressive stuff by Microsoft, please keep it up.


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  1. ShyamalaG

    Hi Sir,

    Testing the COmments in Safari. Please deleted this comments.

    Shyamala Gowri I

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