The mobile market in India has (stabilised) become an Oligopoly play – with Airtel, Vodafone and Jio racing to the bottom (~lower ARPU) with ever poor customer service. I am leaving out Government owned BSNL & MTNL as I see no future for them – both have surrendered their 4G spectrum many years ago.

In this scenario, I see an opportunity for luxury brands to offer a white-labelled service (backhaul provided by one of the 3 players). I will be happy to pay more for such a premium service. This SIM Card can include industry-leading privacy controls, identity protection, call/message screening options, concierge services, doorstep SIM replacement, fastest speeds in international roaming, secure WIFI Hotspots and above all insurance for damages caused due to mobile network/SIM hacking or theft.

Does this sound like something you will want to get?


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