Having enjoyed the recent film Naanum Rowdydhaan (2015) by Vignesh Shivan, I decided to watch his debut direction Podaa Podi 2012 (போடா போடி). PP is about two carefree youngsters Arjun (played by Simbu) and Nisha (debut performance by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) living in London, how they fall in love, marry, have a kid, fight, and then fall in love again. They both take life as it comes, an attitude shared by Vignesh in the way he seems to have made the film. With no solid script to back the film, the crew appears to have spent all their efforts into selecting the costumes & location, those haven’t gone waste, you certainly take notice and appreciate them. The entire story happens in London, with a song sequence shot entirely in Hong Kong Disneyland; sites of London are a visual treat for audiences here in Tamil Nadu.

Salsa dancing is not easy and Varu has carried off well the role of a Salsa dancer, in her debut film itself she appears as a mother to a child (though the scenes are limited) which takes courage to do in Kollywood. For Simbu this role would have been as easy as just going out for a coffee, he has done well in fights and dance but unfortunately, he falls flat when he tries hard to show emotions during the quarrel scenes with his love and in the climax.  Dharan Kumar as Music Director has produced two rememberable songs – Love Panlama & Podaa Podi.

Though it was meant to bring some seriousness into otherwise a rudderless story, the accidental death of the small child was unnecessary for a feel-good movie. The film in many places feels nonsensical, but somehow, I still found it enjoyable. I liked the way Arjun and Nisha continue to love each other, though it’s clear they are vastly different personalities.

Podaa Podi 2012 (போடா போடி) - Simbu and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Podaa Podi 2012 (போடா போடி) – Simbu and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

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