I care about the camera followed by battery life in a phone. Rest other features are all commodity and you can install most of what you want as apps – be it on Android or iOS.

I am underwhelmed with Google Pixel 2 XL that was announced yesterday, especially with the camera after seeing the photos from reviews. I know it got the highest score of 98 for a smartphone in DXOMark review – to like or not to like a photograph taken with a device is a matter of personal taste. The photos from Pixel 2 as shown in DXOMark review page look weak on the colour reproduction as compared to the photos shown for iPhone 8 Plus review. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As an engineer, I tend to prefer the Dual Camera setup – one camera dedicated for zoom is better,  it is basic physics and plain optics. Not to trivialise the huge engineering effort that Google has invested in their software and AI.

Now I need to break my bank and go for iPhone X.

Alternatively, I can go for OnePlus 5 and then do a separate camera upgrade from my Nikon DSLR 7000 to say Sony RX 10 Mark IV. At $1700, that’s not cheaper either!

For records, I am not a fan of iOS after iPhone 4. The only mobile I ever loved was Nokia Lumia with WindowsYou can have only one true love in your life. 

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