Zinuk BaAlia (2015) aka Hill Start is an interesting take on a common theme, which is of falling in love and finding a life partner.

Micha Geva is a successful plastic surgeon in Jerusalem, happily married to Ora Geva, a Gym teacher and a regular winner of marathons. The couple has a son and a daughter. Ari Geva, the son is an upcoming Surgeon who is in love with a sexy and demanding girlfriend Reli. Shlomit Geva, the daughter who is single is a language teacher who is in love with anything Arabic – songs, movies and poetry. Due to a road accident, Ora gets bedridden in a state of coma. Everyone in the family handles the grief in their own way; how they do it and move on with their life is the film.

Oren Shtern, the director has done a fine casting and all the actors have done their roles very well. The film would’ve been a lot more engaging if it had avoided predictable sequences.

Zinuk BaAlia (2015) aka Hill Start

Zinuk BaAlia (2015) aka Hill Start

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