I have been using for more than a decade, a dual monitor setup (Dell 27 inches) as my work environment. Some months ago I moved to a new setup – a 4K touch laptop and a 4K monitor, unfortunately, it was convenient to use the laptop screen as the second monitor. I looked for a laptop stand that can increase the height of the laptop display and put it in the same plane as my external monitor. The options I found online were expensive, some were even Rs.3000 (USD 50) or more, a sum I wasn’t interested in spending. Then a friend recommended Amazon Basics Ventilated Laptop Stand for just Rs.799. It was out of stock for a few weeks, but once I got notified it was available I bought it. Love it.

It is well-built, solid and took less than a minute to set up and even had a cable manager in the back. The height can be easily adjusted as well.

AmazonBasics Ventilated Laptop Stand

Now, I can have an external 4K display and a laptop 4K screen at the same height and plane.

The rear side view of the laptop and the laptop stand

The rear side view of the laptop and the laptop stand

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