I have been one of the early users of Amazon E-Reader with Kindle DX in 2010. Three years back I upgraded to Kindle Paperwhite 3G which I liked but with the leather cover I had, it was feeling slightly (very slightly) heavy for me. I gave it to my son, with the idea I can read books in iPad using the Kindle App. That never worked well for me, with me getting tired after a bit of reading. I wanted my e-ink based reader.  Today I got myself the All-New Kindle (the basic model) for Rs.4999 (US$75). This model doesn’t have any of the fancy features of higher end models which cost up to Rs.23,999 with Kindle Oasis. I love the device I got – it’s simple & lightweight. Since it’s cheap I have decided I am not going to add any accessories to it, no covers and no screen protection.

With All-New Kindle (Basic Model) costing Rs.4999

Update – Tamil Support : I had a comment in Twitter asking whether the device supports Tamil books. Yes, it does. You can sample, buy many hundreds of Tamil books from Kindle store and they render fine. Highlighting, copying and even Wikipedia searches work well. There are some teething issues like spacing being off, there is no input method (keyboard) for Tamil yet. I am sure they will get fixed in future fixes by Amazon.

Update – Connecting to PC / iMac: Connecting my Kindle using a USB2MicroUSB cable to my PC I was surprised it was not detected. I tried with cables from half-a-dozen OEMs that I had; tried connecting to Kindle to iMac; rebooted PC; rebooted Kindle – nothing worked. After a hour scratching my head I took out the USB cable that came with the original Kindle box Kindle. Surprise! Problem solved. Connecting with the USB cable made by Amazon I was able to get my PC and iMac to detect the Kindle device, I am able to copy files with Windows File Explorer and through Calibre ebook App.

Use only the cable that came in the box to connect Kindle reader with your PC or Mac

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