Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga (2016) is a two line story about greed and seduction.

Written and Directed by R.Parthiepan, he comes as a middle aged driver cum real estate agent called Rangarajan. Rangarajan gets Kevin (Shanthanu Bhagyaraj), a young businessman from Australia visiting Chennai for buying in real estate to stay in a bungalow under his custody instead of a five-star hotel. In the Bungalow, Kevin meets Mohini (Parvathy Nair) and falls for her.

Parthiepan has done well in establishing all the 3 characters quickly and firmly within the first few scenes, showing how good a writer he is. After Ammavin Kaipesi (2012) I am seeing Shanthanu in this film and he has done his role well, unfortunately, this film won’t give him the break he desperately needs to establish himself in the industry.  Parvathy Nair’s has the role of seducer, only around her the whole movie revolves around and she has acted it well.

What could be interesting as a sub plot has been stretched into a feature film making it unnecessarily slow.

Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga (2016)

Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga (2016)

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