My son came today and asked me:

Son: Appa (Dad), can you prepare a slide deck of William Shakespeare, the great English playwright for my school presentation tomorrow. 

Me: No way, I am busy.

Son: I have lot of homework to do, I have no time to do this one.

Me: That’s not my problem. I have a client meeting tomorrow and I need to prepare for it. 

Son: Pleaseeeee appa. 

Me: OK, I will get it done but only few slides.

Son: Thanks Dad, put lot of pictures and have fun facts, no boring stuff; I will come and check in an hour. 

And that’s how I got myself into doing a school project on Shakespeare. I am not into English Literature, my reading of the writer was limited to his prose in textbooks and condensed novels of his works.

I started with Wikipedia, there was nothing that will be fun for school kids about the author; that’s when I remembered Bill Bryson’s book on Shakespeare I read many years back.  Going through the book, picking few points of interest I was able to make this 10 slider in an hour.


Hope you will like it too, let me know your comments in the section at the bottom of the page.

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