Shraddha theatre group stages for last two days a play by writer Devan (தேவன்), who is regarded as Tamil Nadu’s P.G.Wodehouse. The Tamil play is based on Devan’s  famous novel titled Thuppariyum Sambu (துப்பறியும் சாம்பு), it’s a humorous take on a simpleton detective whose unfailing luck solves all the cases and brings him untold riches. The book was my son’s favourite as bedtime story when he was growing up.

I watched the play today, it was Directed and starred by veteran Tamil Play artist Kathadi Ramamurthy (காத்தாடி ராமமூர்த்தி). Just seeing him as Sambu with his longgg nose on screen was enough to get the audience laughing. The book had many dozen exploits of Sambu, which had to be reduced to less than 2 hours on stage which has been done nicely. Mr.Kathadi Ramamurthy has been ably supported by all the other actors on stage including the young boy who acted as Sambu’s son, Lavanya Venugopal as his wife, Girish Ayyappath as Police Inspector Gopalan one of the most character in the novel, Kavitha Sivakumar as the smart wife of Gopalan, Karthik Bhatt as reporter, Shivaji Chaturvedi as CID and others. 


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