It’s the season in Tamil cinema for Horror Comedy films, a trend restarted sometime back by KanchanaAranmanai franchises kept alive by Massu and horror flicks like Demonte Colony & Miruthan. It’s the turn of comedian turned hero Santhanam to join the bandwagon with Dhilluku Thuddu. I had low expectations for the film, but it turned out to be a watchable and a bit enjoyable too.

The film starts on high note where we are shown an abundant bungalow in a remote hillstation, the house having a terrifying history dating back to Mongolian invasion times (film calls it Tibetian).  A Tibetian monk enters the haunted house through meditation working to get rid of the evil spirit he gets challenged, the scene was certainly terrifying for me. The story then switches gear to usual love story between a poor boy and a rich girl, opposition from the bride’s father and his plan to get his daughters fiancee murdered. For the murder the venue selected happens to be the haunted bungalow.

A comedy riot then follows between the real ghosts and fake ghosts setup by the killers. “Mottai” Rajendran comes as the head of the killer gang, he has delivered an interesting performance which falls between comedy and being a killer. Heroine Shanaya, Karunas and Anandaraj, T.M.Karthik (the scientist from Indru Netru Nalai and villain in Sawaarihave limited roles but have it done adequately.

A brief climax follows where Santhanam with the help of the Tibetan monk wins over the evil spirit and all ends well.

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