Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) continues from where Star Wars: The Last Jedi had left us. The final of the nine-part skywalker saga is a good one. Though there were nothing grand or new ideas with this installment, yet I liked it.

The resistance is a tiny size of itself, yet thanks to a spy inside the first order, the resistance learns about plans of Kylo Ren and a Sith wayfinder. Rey, Finn and Poe go in search of the Sith wayfinder, continuing from the last location left by Luke Skywalker. How their search progresses and leads them to the Palpatine is the main story.

Is there any “Ben” left inside Kylo Ren? Will Rey have the strength to kill Palpatine? Will the force be able to defeat the dark side? These are answered in this instalment.

As usual, there is a bit of C-3PO humour, like when he gets his memory erased by a rogue android mechanic Babu Frik and his refusal to translate an important message because of his programming rules that forbid it. We also see a new companion to join R2-D2. It was good to see Lando Calrissian after many years.

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