Few months ago, Communications Today magazine circulation department wrote to me asking to pen down my opinion about their magazine to be published in their monthly section called “blog”, a weird name for a reader column. Neverthless I obliged and sent them the following quote, which appeared in this month (December 2015) issue of their magazine.

Mobile subscribers base in India has crossed 716 Million, taking telecommunication in reach to every single Indian household. Along with this growth has been the impressive growth in usage of smartphone and apps in India in last two years. As a result success of every single Software or Software Service today is depended on having a high quality data network in the backend. This is where reading Communications Today regularly has helped me to stay informed on the latest and greatest in telecommunication technology, equipment, policy and trends that are coming to the country. I have found the usage data published in Communication Today to be handy especially when I had to prepare presentations to my customers convincing them to invest more on software services.



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