As readers of this blog you may have noticed that I do a fair bit of reading books. But the books are rarely fiction or novels, I somehow had a mental image that this “Genre” can be easily enjoyed through a movie. Nowadays I am coming around to the idea that reading a novel may be enjoyable and be a good de-stressing past time as well. For that matter anything will be better and reducing anxiety than sitting all day in front of your PC/Tablet and refreshing the FaceBook & email Apps.

I picked up this book “One Summer” by David Baldacci recently from my local Library & finished it in 2 sittings over the weekend. There was no specific reason about this title, other than that I didn’t feel like reading a crime/mystery/action novel – which were most of the titles there. The story was simple. A war veteran with 3 kids and a lovely wife has been served death-notice of few weeks due to a terminal illness. In a twist of events, his wife dies in an accident & he miraculously gets cured & survives. Rest of the novel was about how he picks his life back and puts it together.

Reading the book I felt nothing exceptional about the writing, but a light-reading book which I enjoyed. If you have suggestions of good titles I can read let me know.

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