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Update to XBOX 360 AC Adapter story


This is an update to the earlier post on my experiences with getting my XBOX 360 US version work in India, it was basically how I got a 220V Power Adapter for XBOX 360 in India.

There are two options to get a 220V (India) Power Adapter for your XBOX 360:

  1. The XBOX 360 220V Adapter I was using stopped working, may be because of the frequent voltage fluctuations in Chennai for last few months. Hence I went back to Ritchie Street and bought a new one. This time I made it a point to note down the shop name for benefit of others (and may be for myself again) as this was most asked in the comments I received for the earlier post. I purchased a new XBOX 360 220V Power Adapter (without warranty) for Rs.2500 + VAT from “Shah Trading Co.“, 15, Narasingapuram Street, Off. Mount Road, Chennai – 600002; Phone: 044-2841 5874.
  2. After this, I contacted Microsoft Support in India and asked whether they have a solution now?. Surprisingly this time around, they right away offered a solution. They asked me to go a near by service center in Chennai and drop the original 110V (USA) power adapter. Within 20-30 days of doing this, I received a replacement of a new 220V power adaptor absolutely free. Great service by Microsoft, keep it up. You can contact  Microsoft support in India at toll-free 1800 102 1100 and select Option 7 for XBOX support. Please keep your XBOX 360 Serial number, original purchase invoice handy with you when you call and request them for a replacement to make your XBOX 360 US version to work in India. Considering that officially XBOX 360 support is available only in the region you bought I was lucky to get this replacement in India. I feel this replacement offer is a nice gesture by Microsoft and note that it is available only for original XBOX 360 accessories (not third-parties made).



  • Vikas Garg

    Hi, i also recently bought Xbox 360 from US and when i called to the MS support they are saying Indian adaptor is chargeable INR 4170. :(

    i came to know that convertor will also work. kindly suggest me what to do. should i buy convertor or the whole adaptor.

    i found a convertor on ebay:


  • swayam


    Will there be an issue connecting xbox 360(NTSC) bought in the US with the LCD that i have in India?
    And how easily region free and/or NTSC games are available for XBbox in India?


  • swayam


    It’s really an awesome blog and gave me a very good insight. I am about to buy one Xbox 360 from the US and i will be using it in India.

    Will there be an issue connecting the console(which is NTSC) with my LCD?

    Another big issue is with the availability of region free games in india. As games in India are PAL coded. So how easily NTSC or Region free games are available in India?

    Please suggest.


    • venkatarangan

      No XBOX consoles bought anywhere will work with TVs or LCD displays bought anywhere else. Just ensure that the Console and TV both have HDMI ports. Almost all TVs and Displays nowadays support PAL and NTSC, they are configurable. And XBOX can be configured to output display to any format too. But remember the video games (DVDs) can be played only within the region.

  • Rajesh

    Hi guys,
    Can you tell what should be the wattage for a step down converter?
    Is raksha converter the right solution?


  • Aravind

    Contacted Xbox chat support who said I could get a India specific adapter free of charge if I called up the call center and gave this number 000 800 440 1179. Unfortunately, when I called up they refused to replace it and instead offered one for purchase at INR 4170. So I wento Media Entertainment in SP Road,, Bangalore and got an adapter for INR 1500. Have been using it for 3 days now, and it seems to work ok.

  • Kunal Saxena

    Hi Sam,

    Same pinch…I’ve also bought xbox 360 250 GB from Canada which is having 110v adapter when I contacted Xbox support they simply refuse to replace the same as according to them the Region is changed…Also i’m unable to register my Xbox 360 without broadband connection…

  • Mathew Doha Qatar

    I recently got a new Xbox 360 Kinet from US; via Amazon and when i pluged in, the power adapter burnt bcz of Power difference i.e. it was 110V and in Qatar the power is 240V. Now i dont know what will do with this. We are happy if any one suggest a solution for this.

  • nithin

    thanks for all comments and reviews it was so help full
    and i got a xbox 360e adapter in ritchie street chennai, moosa games it was working perfectly no heating problem playing from 2 weeks

  • Prasanth

    I recently got a new Xbox 360 E from US; i went and registered the product on the xbox service site and wanted to try if I can order a replacement power supply. which I was able to do – for free. I got order confirmation, but the next day I realised that I won’t be around on the delivery date and hence I cancelled the order to retry last week. Unfortunately, the site was asking for Rs.25 as replacement charge (No big deal), but the sad part is that the payment option is not working and the 7 -8 ms representatives are not able to help (over chat). I’m planning to call the support tomorrow to see if they can help. if not, will try to buy one of those available online :(

  • Vinod

    Thanks to this blog and the previous commentators , I was able to buy the correct Power Adapter.
    I got it from the shop Game Flash in mount road, Chennai.

  • Ashish

    I also bought an Xbox E from the US recently. Didn’t read the instruction manual and plugged it directly into the wall and circuit tripped!
    They haven’t started selling Xbox E in India yet, so couldn’t get a power supply for MS Support. Picked a Raksha 750W Convertor from SP Road to see if my power supply is alive, but it wasn’t.
    Anyway, going back to the US this week and will see if I can get the PSU replaced.
    Any idea if they can ship the PSU to Dubai etc,? Thinking of getting one shipped to relatives’ place..

  • monil

    Hi. I am monil from gujarat and also have got an US xbox 360. I had bought a tranformer of 1000watt
    which converts 220v to 110v but i am afraid to use it can you suggest some bettter idea. Please reply fast so that i can enjoy my vacation

  • Milind

    Same here. I bought E console from US but adapter didn’t work. Called MS support and they said, this model is not available in India. I need to look into Singapore, Hongkong and/or Australia for getting power cord which works in India (2XX volts). So basically said, if I have local address (in those country, friends, family) they can ship. Costs ~53 SGD. BTW, any shops in Bangalore?????

  • Gamer

    Samuel, you only have two options, either pay Microsoft 5000 or get an imported adapter online or from Richie Street, refer to my earlier post.

  • Samuel R Prince

    Even i have bought a Xbox 360 from US and i was upset to find that xbox doesnt work with 110v adapter provided with the set.

    Then i came across this blog and i called the MS support. But they told me that the new adapter would be cost me around 5000. When i told about the case earlier when they used to provide it free of cost.

    He told me that, it stopped one year before and now they charge it.

    Now not sure what to do!!!!

  • Gamer

    Kumar, same is the case with me and I also have the 360s. Was lying idle at home for close to 8 months , finally bit the bullet and got the power adaptor. I also purchased Kinect Sports ultimate and dance central 3. I was surprised to find them cheaper than the US. Kinect sports I got it from flipkart and dance central 3 from shopclues. Want the Forza 4 , but not able to find NTSC version. Other kinect games are region free and I hope I don’t run into any issues.

  • Gamer

    I purchased the imported adaptor in Richie street for Rs 1200 yesterday. Have already used it for a couple of hours and it’s working fine. The name of the shop is Game Flash and the contact person is Mani. He was very courteous and mentioned that they have sold many of these adaptor sand haven’t had any complaints.

    Their contact number is 044 42044439.

    BTW the same adaptor is available in Mercy Electronics and they were qouting 1800. Came across the shop in just dial and gave it a try

    (Disclaimer: This is an user comment, no connection with the author of the blog)

    • kumar

      Thanks man. I’m also looking for that in chennai.
      Bought 360S in US in this black friday deal, coming to chennai soon.
      Mercy electronics is reliable but considering this cost difference.
      Keep update if u face no complaints on yours after a while too :) .

  • Siba

    Has option 1 worked for you? using a step down transformer? Is it reliable? I need it for my new Xbox One. Unfortunately Microsoft has again chosen to stick with US only power supply brick.

    A quick response from you will be much appreciated.


    • xboxonefan

      h, were you able to use your xbone one in India? I am stuck with same situation. Any help is much appreciated.

  • Manivasagan

    Hi Teja,

    Its the same in my case. I ordered for a replacement and they said its free of cost. But I was not able to find the shipping address to send my product. Meanwhile I called them to check the shipping address and they said I will have to pay 4170.

    But, I am residing in Bangalore. Can you please let me know the shipping address in Bangalore where I should ship the 120V adapter to for a replacement?


    (Mobile # removed by author)

  • Akshat

    Hi All,

    For ones facing power supply problems for XBox 250GB E (Holiday Value Bundle) (220V , Power supply was rated at 12V/9.6A == 115W ) Use the website link provided to buy the power supply. I have been using it for 3 months with no problems whatsoever . If anyone wants further details just mail me @ . I will give you further sources to buy the same. Hope this helps.
    Further sites provided in this :-

    (Disclaimer by author: Please note that I make no endorsement of the above link, I am approving it for reader’s convenience and discretion)

  • rahul80

    Lots of useful information here, thanks to the author and all the respondents. Well I too bought xbox 360 e from US in black firday deal of 200$ through a friend. Now I need the PS to use it in india. After going through this blog this is what I understand.
    -Calling MS toll free and asking for replacing the US adapter with the Indian one free of cost doesn’t work. You need to pay.
    -Use step down transformer from Raksha Brand 500W for 1500 INR or below?
    Where can I buy this in hyderabad?
    -Buy indian version of this adapter from other sites like ebay. I found this one
    But is this better than the tranformer option? Or is there a cheaper one available anywhere else?

    I stay in hyderabad. My 4 year old son is not letting me to keep this in box, so bit impatient any help is hugely appreciated.

    The specs in the power adapter read :Input 100V-127V ~3.29A, 47-63Hz; Output 12V —9.6A,5Vsb —1A.

    thanks so much

  • DJN

    Hi All,

    Just an update. I bought XBOX one from US. I am going to use a 250W, step down transformer which i bought from SP Road. Let me know whether you guys have pending queries.

  • Pranav

    HI All,

    I am also undergoing the same problem . I have purchased the XBOX 360E from USA & taken to india & did not noticed that it is 110V so as soon as I plugged it in it was blown . & when I asked the support from Microsoft they have given me the cable of XBOX 360S.which is useless for me & as per Microsoft they are not in position to deliver the cable here in india & they don’t have any cable for 220V supply.
    friends pls suggest what to do & how to handle this situation .

    • Himanshu

      Hi Pranav,

      Did Microsoft give it you for free? I got XBox 360 S from US and power supply got blown up and when I called them they are asking 4179 INR.


  • Rahul

    I got XBOX 360 E from US couple of weeks back. Got stop down convertor from local shop 220 to 110 convertor with 250 W. used for 2 hours no issue so far. No heating at all. Brand name kudip , cost 1200 Rs.

  • kk

    Has anyone checked this on from flipkart as replacement?

    Author’s Comment: Please note, I haven’t tried this product and I don’t endorse this product/firm selling it in any way. I am not sure on this impacts your XBOX Warranty, please check with Microsoft.

  • Pavan

    HI Akshat,

    Its good to know that the third party adapter works. You can get Raksha voltage converter in any electrical shop. I am just waiting for this model to launch in India so that I can get one from MS.

    I have not spoken to Singapore CS yet. The current JUGAD is working just fine for over heating.


  • Akshat

    Hey ,
    I have bought a third party adapter from Ebay for 1600 Rs /- . I have tested it and works like a charm. Their is no over heating and the adapter is compatible with 110V as well as 220V. The power rating is 12V/9.6A (115W) which is the exact required for the XBox 360GB E Consoles (250GB With Kinect )
    Also let me know of your further conversations with the Microsoft Singapore customer support regarding adapter replacement.

  • Akshat

    Hey !! I am too facing the same problem.Ordered from . I too went too the Online support Chat and was told the same. I have not even plugged the XBox Once. Can you please give the details of the Raksha Voltage Converter and the location where you bought it from ? I have the same XBox 250GB + Kinect version (The Holiday Value Bundle). Also the Power supply was rated at 12V/9.6A == 120W so didn’t it overheat with 500W supply ?
    Waitig for your reply Pavan !!

  • Pavan


    This is a great forum. Thanks for all the experiences shared.

    Recently I purchased XBOX 360 E from US and had a difficult time finding a power adapter. This model is not yet released in India till now. So could not get a replacement from MS support India. They told me that I can use one from UK/Singapore. It was not possible for me to get one from UK/SI.

    I found one person when googled and said he can deliver one from UK – original adapter. But I need to Pay 3K + return the adapter I got with the console. I refused.

    Checked a shop in Bangalore who told they can deliver original XBOX 360 E adapter in 1 week for 3K. I refused.

    I decided to use a voltage step down and see how it goes. So bought Raksha voltage step down 500 Watts for Rs 1500.

    I worked absolutely fine!!!

    No shutdown of console,no over heating of adapter/console. I have been using it for 3 weeks now without any problem. I have used max 3hrs at a stretch till now without any problem.

    I will keep posted on how it goes or if I experience any issues.

    Happy gaming!!!!

  • Tarak

    Having a similar problem.
    I am unable to find an adapter for XBOX 360 E which I bought from
    India support for XBOX tells me that they can not help where as I had confirmed about international warranty before buying. Completely unprofessional behavior from Microsoft.

  • Manu

    Good blog and quite useful information. I bought XBOX 360 Elite and smoked out the power supply adapter (i assumed it will work just like US bought PS3). The problem I face is that Microsoft doesn’t support XBOX Elite in India as yet. So I am stuck with a smoked power supply. Its not available in grey market as yet though some of the vendors mentioned in this blog promise to provide me an adapter only if i sent them my smoked adapter in advance (i think they are just changing the connecting double pin of XBOX S with single pin of XBOX E). Trying to get mine repaired in Nehru place, Delhi and will post updates.

    • Deepesh

      Hello Manu,

      Was it any success for you at Nehru Place, I got my Xbox 360E from US power supply burnt up. Please suggest if there was some particular shop you went to.

  • moin sayed


    i tried this no. & contact Microsoft to replace my US power adapter with Indian voltage system.
    but they are now asking Rs. 4000/-amount to replace it.
    NOW no free service..

    So don’t call & waste your time in Microsoft chargeable nos.

  • Gagan

    Hi everyone,
    I recently bought a Xbox 360 slim console from US.
    Now I want to buy a 220V supporting Power supply unit so that I can use it in India.
    I saw many PSU’s on Ebay and other Indian websites but they all have the output power of 135W but my original USA adaptor has the output power of 120W.
    Will those PSU’s be fine for my console.
    If anyone has purchased a 220V supporting PSU and is working fine with their console, please tell me the PSU configuration.


    • Jasminder

      Hi.. where do u live?? I got the Step down transformer for my XBOX about 3 months ago for around INR 700 from Moti Nagar, New Delhi. Its working fine as of now as I play less. Have also played Kinect connecting alongwith the console.

      • Sahil

        Hey, how is it going with your xbox? n where did u buy the step down transformer. I also bought xbox 360 s with kinect and I am looking for a solution to use the US adapter properly

  • Chandra

    Hi, Currently i am in Europe…i plan to buy a xbox 360S with kinect before i leave to India.
    Will this xbox work in india? Since its a 220V settings in Europe, should i still buy an adapter for use in India.

  • Nandeesh

    I brought my x box in US and i live in hubli can any one give me the address or phone number so that i can exchange my adapter.

  • Mahalingam K P

    Thanks for your inputs.
    No Problem, Even you broke or connected the adapter to 230V, now you can buy the new adapter in transformer cost. The same adapter is now available in external market just for Rs.1990 /-. I got this product in Mercy electronics – Tambaram , chennai. For me its working well.

    Full address:
    Mercy Electronics, No 3/3 & 3/4, Opposite National Theatre, Rajaji Road, Tambaram West, Chennai – 600045
    Phone: (044) 22263984, 24846767, 24819681


  • sivakumar

    Thanks for this blog for the useful information. Even I bought the Xbox 360 slim from US and was looking for a reasonable alternate for the Power adapter with MS support offers for the hefty price of Rs.4179. I looked at the suggestion provided by the people here and called the Media Entertainment in the SP Road, Bangalore. The price for the step down adaptor is Rs.1100 only. IMPORTANT: THIS WILL WORK ONLY IF YOU HAVEN’T USED(tried) THE US ADAPTOR in INDIA which will spoil the orginial adaptor due to incompatability.

  • Ishfaq

    Hi all,
    Thanks for giving the much needed info…i called the microsoft guys in india and they said that apparentely they don’t provide the power adapter for free and are thus are asking for payment i,e Rs.4197 if i want yo buy it. So my concern is, does anybody else know about the same thing?

  • pawan bakshi

    I am coming back in India next week and want to buy xbox for my son. Any idea if airlines allow to carry xbox in hand baggage or it needs to be checked in…..please advice based on your experience… thanks

  • Karthik

    Thanks for the wonderful blog. As suggested by others, I just went to Media Entertainment store in SP Road Bangalore and got a step-down transformer. Brand name is Raksha. Plugged in the original adapter and my xbox works perfectly fine. Thanks once again!

  • Ravi

    Hi I have bought xbox 360 here in US. Will this work on Indian TVs.
    Or Can I get TVs there compatible to this.


  • Ambrish

    Guys .. THe power cable is available in EBay for 2K
    its available at much cheaper rate in richie street. its power cord designed for XBOX specifically for this purpose.
    Check Gamesquare/moosa in Richie street (available in basement of Oasis computer building)..Hope it helps

  • Dilip

    Yes that replacement scheme is not no more exist. Now they wont replace any more.

    Any one please tell me, anywhere i can buy the power adaptor in hyderabad or chennai?

  • anvrao

    Hi Ankur,
    I also got the same reply from Customer we need to buy power adaptor for 4179(including taxes).


  • Ankur

    Microsoft support in Mumbai is charging 4700 INR !!! Check their email response.

    Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support.

    This e-mail acknowledges our receipt of your call to Xbox Customer Support. We appreciate you taking the time to call us with your concerns and value you as an Xbox customer.

    We understand that you had called us to get a Power Supply Unit (PSU) that you can use with your console you purchased in USA. Apparently the PSU that came with the console only works in the country where it was originally purchased or countries that has 110v power outlets. Hence, we need a 220v PSU for your console to be usable here in India. Be advised that we do not sell these PSUs in the local market hence the purchase has to be done over the phone through our support line and the price of which is Rs. 4,179.

    As discussed, our consoles carry a local warranty only, which means your console was purchased outside the country that you are right now. Due to the warranty not being valid in India, we are unable to do a replacement for your console or the accessories that came along with it.

    You might want to think and reconsider on purchasing the 220v PSU. If you have finally decided, feel free to give us a call in our support line.

    Here’s our Phone Number:


    Phone Number

    Opening Hours


    Ø 000-800-440-1179

    Ø 1800-11 11 00

    Ø +91 80 40103000

    Ø 1800-102 1100

    Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

  • balajee

    This blog has been very informative. Thanks to Venkat. I’ll share my experience. There are 3 ways to solve the xbox power cord problem in India.
    1. Buy a Chinese imitation for Rs.2000 approx (available in store mention by the blog owner in chennai) Issue : Output DC volts did not exactly match with Microsoft specification. But it still works. Biggest gamble is to plug unauthorized product into the console.
    2. But a authorized Microsoft power cord for Rs.4179.
    3. Buy a step down transformer for 110v power cord. The step down transformer should have 500 W ouput. The calculation is AC * Amps i.e., 100 – 127 V , 3.29 A. 127 * 3.29 = 417 W ( approx ). This calculation applies to any 100v power cord. This option you the satisfaction that only authorized power cord is plugged into the console and worst case something happens only the power cord is going to bust. Price Rs. 1450 /-
    I bought a step down transformer and no regrets. I am having fun again with my xbox again.
    Note : I used the same calculation and bought step down transformer for sewing machine, Cordless phone. All works great.
    Hope this helps.

    • rahul80

      Yeah I have the same opinion. Can you tell me the where to buy the transformer, in hyderabad. Is it available online?


  • Srikanth


    I recently bought XBOX360 from US and have faced the adapter issue. Tried calling the microsoft support guys but somehow it didnt go through, so I googled and found an alternative in ebay mentioned below.
    Power Supply 220v AC Console Adapter for Microsoft Xbox 360 S Slim Kinect Models.
    The seller was noble store and I enquired them before calling them. They do have a return policy.
    Finally I ordered the item and started using the XBOX with no issues. I am pretty happy with the purchase. This costed me around 2200 bugs half of the price from Microsoft. Hope this info will be useful.


  • Manoj


    I bought XBOX 360 from US. I am also facing the same problem as others(Adapter). I have called customer service and they told me that they have stopped replacement of power adapter. I need this adpater in Pune. Does any one help me here.

    Manoj B

  • Sunny

    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the blog. I recently got my xbox adapter smoked as soon as I inserted 110v plug into the power line using a converter.
    Just wanted to know –
    1. Whether this adapter can be fixed?
    2. Is there any shop in Pune which provides the similar xbox 360 adapters for some 2.5k odd rupees.

    Waiting for the reply!


  • Utkarsh

    I want to know due to the use of step down transformer any one has ever notice any damage to the Xbox itself? I have read countless blogs but everywhere people have caused the adaptor to smoke that is the max damage(because of using stepdown transformer) i can find out from reading all the blogs. If any one has faced any problem apart than that of blowing up the adaptor then please let me know. If the answer to the above question is no other problems then i got nothing to lose as i will keep on using my us xbox adaptor with convertor until and unless the adaptor smokes then i will buy one from ebay(provides warranty).

  • Abeer


    Great blog. Thanks a lot for all the information. I am about to pay up for the Indian adapter for the XBOX 360 (bought it in the US last month). Do you know if MS provides a warranty for the adapter (which costs Rs 4179)? Just wanted to know before I pay.


  • Vivek

    Hi All

    Just an update to all who want to exchange the US power adapter with India adapter.

    MS no more gives it for free. You have to either purchase the original paying ~4200/- or get a step down transformer of 110V output. I would still go with purchasing the new original adapter as the console is very sensitive, and you don’t want to take chances with that.

    Happy Gaming.

  • Manoj

    No Microsoft does not offer free power supply replacement. Further call center says that they are the only authorized seller for Power Supply unit.

    Let me also share another fact, which I noticed while registering the x-box.
    Microsoft site says that “No repair option is available for original x-box console”. Further the X-Box is at the end of product cycle and they have stopped providing support for all X-Box Original Console.

    Now what it means is totally beyond me. The shipping box says that I have X-box 360. Product description of registered product says that its X-Box 360.

    I am not sure even now whether I have purchased a product which is obsolete as manufacturer has stopped providing support or its an error from Microsoft side (highly unlikely).

  • Nilanjan Roy

    Hi Venkat,

    I am facing the same issue.I bought an XBOX 360 from and imported to Inida.Now I have two issues
    1.The power adapter does not work. I had to buy it from India (confirmed calling MS helpline) with INR 4100.
    2.The XBOX is NTSC. How to I play the games that are available in Inida inmy console..

    Please suggest.

  • Vishu

    I bought Xbox 360S with kinect from US. I blew up my power supply of 110v.
    Now I got the 220V adapter from SP road bangalore for Rs 2500/-.
    But the problem is its output rating is 12V, 10.83A and the one I got with XBOX has 10V, 9.6A.
    I used it for some time then removed it, as I don’t want to take chances with the console.

    Has anyone used 10.83A adapter on 10V, 9.6A console??

    I am going to call MS tomorrow and check if I can get the original adapter.

  • Raj

    Hi, I bought a XBOX 360 Kinect bundle here in the US few days back and intend to operate it in India. From the above posts I gather, I will have to call Microsoft for a local power adaptor. However, I am still unclear on if the games I bought here will play on my TV in India, which is a recently purchased from India Panasonic HDTV. I am a newbie in the gaming world & dont want to return the only device I have invested in coz of inadequate information.

    Please advise. Thanks!

  • Rijul

    Stepdown(220v to 110v) transformer is available at “Media Entertainment,S P Road,Bangalore”, I bought this for Rs 1100/- it works fine with Xbox 360 4GB Kinnect Slim version.

  • Sasikanth Kashyap

    Hello Sir…
    I have purchased Xbox 360 from US and want to replace my Power Adapter which is of US version.Can u help me fro this…what should I ask the Local Microsoft Customer Service.

  • Ankur

    I also bought XBox 360 from US & called Microsoft support but they don’t exchange power adaptors now and asking for Rs. 4179/-. This is very disheartening for buyers. Need to find any other option…

  • mukul verdia

    I had the same problem . Purchased X box 360 from usd in Novemeber 2012. the adaptor is 110 V. I asked the microsoft service support and they told me that i will have to shell out Rs 4179 for the poswer supply unit .
    So all these talks of Free Replacement is a Hog wash now .

  • Arnab

    I just got a xbox from the US and a local stepdown adapter @ Rs.1600 from Gurgaon. After a day the power transmitter of the xbox blew with a sound and smoke. I had called the MS service centre and asked for a probable solution. They said that I have to purchase one @ Rs.4179.
    I think the free replacement scheme has stopped now.
    Can anyone suggest if the adapter can be bought from authorised MS retailer. These come at half the price than the one quoted by MS.
    Is using this Adapter ok.
    Pls help.

  • Hemanth

    Yesterday i got the power supply Adapter from S P Road its working fine for my Xbox console with kinnect S and they sell x box accessories as well. You can buy this from below shop
    Media Entertainment,S P Road,Bangalore
    Ph No:08041324116

    • Ashish P

      Hi Hemanth,

      As you got XBOX from US, I think you would have got holiday bundle which comes with coupons, can you let me know which coupons didn’t work for you ?


  • Mansi


    Microsoft by charging for power adapter is sure to loose its goodwill which they otherwise could have multiplied. Making people buy the product and not provide help to use it would also effect sales of their other accessories which would have been in demand. Charging such an exorbitant price is not going to help them.

  • mustafa

    Hi guys,
    1.Can some 1 help me with the address/ph no for the shop in sp road in bangalore where i can get a 220v adaptor.i saw a few on ebay ranging from 1600- 2199 local/chinese make.not sure about the quality of the product.
    2.If anybody is willing to sell their old 220v adaptor.kindly send me an email.
    3.I have my 110v adaptor from canada- brand new-original.MS, they dont do a replacement if any one is goin abroad n taking their xbox with them kindly let me know,i can give this to u in exchange for the indian 1.


  • Hanumantha

    Hi Guys,
    Today I call MS and they are saying that it will be charged 4179/-RS. Did any one go it for free in recent day i.e in last 2months. If so could some help me here.


  • Ranjay

    I called up today Microsoft India Xbox support and they asked for INR 4000 for purchasing new power adaptor. is there a way to get free of cost or cheaper than this.

    • Arun

      i can repair it for 500rs and shipping extra, once its repaired use transformer type step down converter, i repaired my uncles and his friends power unit it works absolutely fine.

  • Anil

    Hi, I bought new XBOX 360 from US. As per this blog, I came to know the microsoft guys are replacing for free of cost. But when I consult them they said there is no option to exchage need to buy new one.

    Can some one help me on this?

  • Aryaman Gogoi

    Thanks Venkat. However my XBOX 360 is an NTSC console and my TV is PAL and just might be Supporting NTSC according to the manual. Should I go ahead and use it?

  • sai

    i got a new xbox from us and i got the same problem as many of u got .but when i cal to ms they said there is no replacement or exchange for adapter bought from us and they said to buy a new one in india 220v ac power adapter.i hav registered my product online but .i dont know still how some of u guys got an exchange for us 110v adapter to indian adapter.can u pls tell me da procedure

  • sankalp

    i have bought an xbox 360 bundle from us. i had the same problem of fluctuation. i called microsoft and it said that we have to give RS.4500 and they will deliver the adapter at our home . what should i do

  • Santosh

    Hi All,

    I came to this website a bit late.. …I got a Xbox 360 slim 250GB from US and have started using it with an adapter that is available in local market. I tried getting in touch with the MS guys and they repeated the same 4179 charge for adapter story….however, here is the story…Xbox (MS)has stopped providing free adapters after Oct 2nd 2012.

    But I have a problem with the picture on my Samsung 42″ LCD 4 series is in Black & White and I believe there might be a few settings that need to be done on TV, to change it to NTSC..Am I correct? Please guide…

  • Himanshu

    Buy it as even after paying the INR 4179 total cost (USD 250+ INR 4179) falls cheaper than in India. In India the Xbox 460 4 GB Bundle is for INR 27000. I bought one also.

  • RK

    I called XBox India customer support today and asked for exchanging the adapter. I’ve bought XBox 360 Kinect from the US. They said they are not doing the free replacement anymore and but can help raise a purchase order with Redington. The cost will be Rs.4179/-

  • Sally

    I tried using Xbox 360slim n kinect using the voltage converter ( I use the same converter for charging my iPad iPod ), but seems it didn’t work n the there was smoke coming from th adapter. Now my query is,
    1. How do I know tht my Xbox has no da,ages
    2. Where do I get the adapter in Mumbai?
    3. I don’t hv the invoice, think I lost it, will Microsoft still provide support?

    This is urgent pls reply.

  • Pritesh


    TOday I have called customer care for replacing adapter But ther are said me .. you need to charge 4179.00 for this.

    Any specific thing I need to say to customer care for make it free.

    Please help me.

  • Himanshu

    I bought Xbox 360 on Oct 23, 2012 in USA. I called microsoft in India to provide the replacement adaptor of 220 V and they also asked me to pay INR 4179. I am not sure what is the difference betweeb xbox 360 and xbox 360 slim. All are xbox now sold are slim

  • Chandu

    I bought an adapter from SP Road (Bangalore) for 2300/- for my new xbox slim.
    Yes Chaitanya, it looks exactly like Microsoft one & works. Of course no warranty.

  • Ashok

    did you have the original xbox 360 and not xbox slim? could you please provide your reference number in that case, the guy I spoke to seemed to be in hurry, he was just repeating same thing saying no exchange only pay 4179 to get any adapter.


  • teja

    yesterday i made a call to xbox support ( 18001021100 ) and asked to help me in replacing my adapter (us model ,100-127v) with indian adpater . she enquired about my serial number and asked all other details like email id , phone number , etc. later said that it would cost 4179 rs/- . having no other option i placed an order .


  • Chaitanya

    For Bangalore guys: Go to SP Road, ask any computer shop, they will make some calls and will get you a 220V adapter for Rs.2,500. It ‘looks’ exactly as Microsoft, no warranty, but works.


    Dear All

    Thanks for this post, I am surprised why Microsoft so careless in taking one simple feedback from this issue and either make a universal adopter or keep a clear instruction with bold letters that countries with 240 v need fix with alternate adopter. There is no point in stopping the replacement when they have not rectified their mistake.
    customers have to go through so much irritation to request for replacement as if he/She has done some mistake. This is clearly negligence of Microsoft so called global company but not able to make product that can be used any where.

    the responsiveness of the call center is also very bad, i spoke to them on 5th Oct and there is no reply for my query for 10days and when i called them and insisted to send email, then they have forwarded that they have tried but their higher departments has denied the replacement. They think they are doing a charity by giving this replacement they are not understanding that they are irritating the customer at the first step. now by not giving it free even more annoying.

    Ram Kishan

  • Kapil

    Same here Sumit.
    Good for people who were able to get it without any charge.
    I came across a contact in Palika (New Delhi) who over the phone told me that the fused adapter could be repaired at a little cost. I am planning to visit him on Saturday.
    Has anyone got the US adapter repaired successfully at any of the local markets? If yes, does it work fine?
    I dont want to take any chance now….

  • srinivas reddy

    I am in India for 6 weeks. I want to use my XBOX while I am in India. I don’t want to get my adapter replaced. I tried using a step down transformer and it didn’t work. The LED on the adapter turned RED and the console never turned on. I am not sure if the adapter blew up.

    Is there any way I can get the thing working with the 110V adapter ? Looks like I ll have to buy a 220V adapter or borrow it from anyone of my friends.

  • Sumit

    Looks like I missed on the exchange offer. Contacted Microsoft India support and they said they have stopped providing an power supply exchange. Offering a new purchase over phone for Rs, 4179.
    When I mentioned that it was exchanged easily a couple of weeks back, the customer support person said that they don’t do it anymore.

    Then he went off on a tangent about contacting XBox US support for US console and tried to get off the phone as soon as he could. Looks like they don’t offer good support anymore for their customers in India.

    Good for the author and the others who received a free exchange.

  • Kapil

    Thank you Venkat for posting this; however, I am little late in visiting this blog. I got my Xbox through a friend in US and unknowingly fixed the US adapter in the power socket, as it had to happen, it blew off with smoke and smell. Now I have got the stepdown transformer as well but got to know that US adapter (that is dead now) has to be connected with this transformer. as per recent posts, MS will charge me 4,200 for replacing the US adapter that is too much. What can be an alternate for me that is cheap and reliable?
    please suggest. thanks.

  • Ram

    Its the Same looks like they had changed the Polices very Recently. No more they provide the replacement Free of Cost

    Cost Elements   INR
    Total Product cost   3445
    Sales Tax 5% 172
    Service charges   500
    Service Tax 12.36% 62
    Total Cost to customer   4179

  • Ashok

    Guys, I too got a xbox from US and I have called up customer care. they told they are charging power cord for 4179rs, is this true?
    Can I get it for less price in Bangalore.

  • Madhu Kumar Raju

    dear all,

    my sister had sent x box 360 kinect to us in hyd. the power is not working, my son is so much worried, we used converter but it is not. can any body help us, unable to control my son. what to do?

    model no.: PB-2121-02MX, 100 – 127V-329A, 47-63HZ
    Out Put DC 12v – 9.6A.

    Microsoft, i n u r manual u have to not alerted public about power out in volts and watts, and countries standards

  • Kedar

    Venkat and other friends, thanks a lot for sharing this useful information..
    I called MS today and they are sending the India power cord to me… :-)
    I never seen such a prompt and gentle service..
    Hats off to MS..

  • Sudarshan Chakrabarty

    Thanks Venkat… That worked for me too.. I got my replacement totally free of cost in a day at Bangalore after calling up the Microsoft Service Center. Thanks so much for sharing this info..

  • chaturbhuj

    Thank you so much venkarangan
    i got my xbox 2 years before and still didnt use because of adapter not knowning what to do and whom to belive
    i saw ur site as i searching for adapter probs and finllay i came across this blog
    i called on monday and got it on thursday thank u very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashish

    Venkat thanks so much for your blog. I just got a confimation from microsoft about free adapater exchange.

  • Rohit

    Thanks! Your blog saved me a tonne of time and money! This was the second link I came across when I googled my query.
    I’m in Bangalore. Called today and they said the Chennai service center would get in touch with me within 2 business days. I will update this blog with more info as soon as I hear from them.
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Banu

    I was able to get the adapter delivered through courier(the courier guy took back the US adapter), for my Xbox Slim bought more than a year ago. So happy!

    Am in Chennai, FYI.

    Thank you so much for this blog post!


    thanx a lot.. good service by microsoft.. they said they will come my home and will replace my adapter free of cost…

  • Santhosh

    Thanks a lot Venkatarangan. I called Microsoft support Toll free number as you mentioned and they promised for free replacement of power supply and got the case created with Microsoft today. This evening I got a call from service center(Redington) @ Chennai and they verified my shipping address and said they will dispatch it tomorrow. I hope I would get my AC adapter by Thursday. MICROSOFT support doing great job. I was about to spend 2.5k to get new power adapter until I saw your blog. Your information is very useful and I did shared this info to my friends as well. Thank you again.

  • Inde

    Thnask for the info Venkatarangan . very Helpful.
    I called Mirosoft India and have been assured a FREE replacement for my adaptor.
    Good gesture Microsoft. Thanks

    However, i wonder that my simple and less expenxive products bought form USA like my shaver, my laptop even my cell phone charger works wordwide with poweradaptors range of 110 to 240V….. Darn this expensive device XBOX and Microsoft could not put a simple brain of making a worldwode power adaptor.

    • venkatarangan

      Hi Inde, My guess this is due to the wattage required for XBOX. It draws more current than average consumer electronic items like Laptop or Shaver. Hence they have a physical transformer and not an IC based Voltage circuitry.

  • Prince

    forgot to mention…

    it smoked out the first time i tried it here..

    worked good for 10mins but then fused off..

    It gotta be working for free Adapter replacement? else need to buy a new one?

  • Prince


    Mind telling if i need to drop my Adapter in a Xbox Store near-by?

    or they just send it in without that process?

  • Lokesh

    Hi Venkat,

    Thank you very much for your info, I followed the same you mentioned and it worked. Got replaced within 3 days.

    Thank you again.

  • Sathyaraj

    Hi Venkat avargale,

    Thanks for the info. I followed all the steps you suggested me to order from Microsoft and I got my US power exchanged to Indian power brick for free.

  • B.Venkateswaran


    I bought a X-Box 360 Kinect a month back in the US and my son took it back to Chennai now. Without aware of the voltage issue he plugged into the 220 V power input. After a few seconds the respective off. When my brother checked the original X box charger cable he found that dead. Going through this blog, I am planning to talk to Microsoft support today and ask for the charger/220V adaptor cable. However I am worried that the console is gone or ok. Can anyone suggest whether this would have affected the console or not?

  • Niklesh

    guys what is this deal about..I am planning to get a xbox+kinect from friend had sent me this link..I don’t understand what the subscription fee is for? will it be a problem if I use it in India? can someone tell me if this is good deal to go for?

  • Yuvaraj

    Thank you buddy! Your post was of great help. What surprised me was that there was 100+ folks who did the same mistake as me and read your post after that :)

  • Manish

    Got my power adapter replaced too :) thanks for sharing the info (Meanwhile toll free number is still 1800 102 1100)

  • Prakash SD


    It’s pretty useful.
    I need an information from you.

    I also bought Xbox 360 Kinect game console in US. I’m trying to buy a suitable power cord which is safe to use in India.
    My brother has gone to buy a power adapter in Richie Street. The power adapter available there says the Output DC as 120 W 12V=10.83 whereas the one which I have got from US has 120 W 12V=9.6A written on it.
    The Amp is different.

    Can you tell me what is mentioned on the one that you bought from Richie street? Is it okay to use.

    Sorry for taking your time. I’d appreciate your help on this.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Rishi

    Hi.I am facing the same problem. Adapter ended up smoking for mine too. Called microsoft…lets see. Number is 0008004401179.

  • Vishnu

    Thank you very much.this was very helpful.called the Microsoft support and now waiting for the adapter to arrive.

  • amit

    Hey Guys,
    I am facing the same issue as most of you and ended up smoking my 110V US Adapter. please advice where get new adaptor

  • Chandy

    Hi All,
    Nice informative blog, between The Toll Free No is changed as of date(May 2012) It is 1800 111100 and then 7.
    The procedure is call the toll free no, with Serial No.The call centre representative will take the info and will ask for the address,to where the Power cord has to be sent(230v) and the same place where they will collect the 110V power adapter.Just registered and waiting for the delivery


  • Vamsi Sajja

    Thanks alot for providing the details. I have called to MS and waiting for the replacement.

  • jaishankar

    Microsoft has been very understanding. I have a personal experience of AC adapter being replaced free of cost twice. Talk to Microsoft customer care and tell that your warranty has expired and you have such and such problem- more often than not you can get a positive reply. My experience!

  • Kumaran

    Thanks to you. I got my power supply replaced yesterday. Now the problem is, it has a big 3 pin plug and I don’t have a big socket near my TV. I was very disappointed.

    can anyone help me what should I do now?

  • Tilak

    Same issue. Can I get the email address for XBOX- Support. I will try the toll free number today and see if it works.

  • Zaheer Beig

    Awesome!!! Such a useful piece of information. Came to India with my brand new XBOX 360 yesterday and when plugged-in, it went boom :)…all smoke…quickly googled, got to this blog, called MS Support number given in the blog,they have assured to replace it for free in 5 days. XBOX Serial number needed and they insist that device should not be tampered in any way. Mine is not. Waiting for my Indian power supply unit to arrive. Could not help but thank the blog owner immediately :)

  • chandra


    I heard from a sales guy (Reliance Digital), that it is not possible to play the Indian Game CD’S (which are in PAL format) in the Xbox 360 bought from US. Is this true ? Please update.

  • Sadik

    I called up Microsoft number last week and they
    gave me a replacement adapter today. Way to go Microsoft!

  • Sivaram

    Where is the Microsoft Service Center in Chennai?
    I need to drop my 120V power adapter and get replaced with 220v for my xbox360.

  • Tushar

    Hey, I have another prob.look,my brother lives in UK,and he has been getting me various things from there which always works fine,even I had a ps2 which worked cool,but some this damn xbox’s adaptor got smoked and there is this burnt smell coming of it .he bought it in December,now plzz tell me that do MS replaces UK adaptors for free or should I go for a new one? And will the new one work fine with the Xbox?? Please help meeee…..

  • Tengis

    I have an xbox360kineck bundle bought in the USA, but I just moved to Shanghai, China.
    Can you help me to get contact info for Microsoft in Shanghai?


    Many thanks to your blog post, I have just been assured of a replacement of my XBOX 360 adapter! Thanks a lot.


  • Vishal

    Hi All

    I am about to buy ab XBOX today in the US. Will be carrying it home in a week. I know I need to register India as the country whenever I do. Any other precautions that I need to take? Will there be a problem loading youtube and other india specific apps? Will most of the games play or do I need to get some unloack done?


    • venkatarangan

      YouTube, NetFlix and other online services in XBOX work only if you have an XBOX Live monthly subscription. Most of these services are not available for Indian billing address, so if you continue to have a US Credit Card you should be fine. Even then some services might block content streaming outside US IP addresses, so mileage may vary.

  • Nayyar

    I am glad i read this. I will be bringing my XBOX Kinect to India this weekend. I have a Samsung 40C6200 at home. Should i be concerned about the PAL/NTSC thing? And thanks Venkat, i would get the adapter as soon as i come back to India.


  • vijay

    thanks a lot for the post. I was going mad after calling most of the electronic stores to find a power cord for Canada model which burnt :-/.

    I called the Microsoft support and they have agreed for a freeeeee replacement and without even asking for warranty card or any other info.
    They just need the console serial no.

    There is dedicated XBOX group from Microsoft to help
    toll free number – 0008004401179

    Once again thanks and hats off to Microsoft Service!!!

  • Thiru

    For exchange they give 16amps plug point, you don’t need to have 15amps outlet or need to buy a converter (15amps plug to 5amps point) if you have old PC power cable lying, just plug in that to the brick and you can use it.

  • Thiru

    Thanks Venkat. You saved me Rs. 2500 ! I just bought and brought xbox from US through one of my friends. Called the 1-800 no, didn’t go through for some reason. Went to and clicked on Chat and asked for the replacement. They asked me to register my xbox using the serial no first, did it and the chat agent ordered one for me. He said a company called Redington will deliver the adapter. Next day I got a call and told me I will get it in 5 days. Ordered on Tuesday and got the replacement today (Friday).

  • abhay

    Thanks to this blog…i received my replacement from Microsoft.
    But just before seeing this blog, i had purchased a brand new indian power supply for “3200 INR”(with bill from a Genuine XBOX store (Games n Gadgets store

    Now that i have two of them, i can sell me at +91 9886716233, if you are interested.

  • VG


    After reading the blog , it is clear that Microsoft will give Indian version of adapter for free. But no one has clerly told about the US version of adapter. Does Microsoft take the US version adapter. if yes, do we need to return the US adapter to them first and then they give the Indian adapter? How do you return the adapter (via courier?)

    Venkat, if you can update the main blog with this information, it will be very helpful to all.


    • Midhun

      Hi VG!

      My US adapter was recently exchanged with the Indian one. It was home delivered by a guy who took the US adapter with him and asked me to sign the receipt of the new one. Microsoft support told me that the US adapter has to be in a working condition to have eligibility for a free replacement. It took them 6 working days to deliver the product. Hope this helps

  • Gopi


    Its a mistake from service center people. They gave me an Indian version adapter which didn’t work when I tried to connect to the console. Waiting for replacement of a working power adapter.

  • Harsha

    Hi Gopi
    They won’t charge for adapter. I am not sure why they are charging you? I think you can ask them since when they have started this. They might have changed the policy now.

  • gopi


    After checking the details in this blog I called to Xbox service and requested for replacement of 110V power adapter and they took the order. The customer care ppl told me that the replacement is free and I need not pay any amount for it. However, today I got a call from FedEx courier office and they told me that I need to pay customs duty of Rs.2300/-. I think the power adapter is shipped from chennai service center. Also, the service center guy in chennai told that I need to return the 110V US version adapter.
    Anyone of you who got the replacement for free are charged with customs duty? please respond on this.


  • Ramesh

    Hi venkat,

    I bought a new xbox360 in us and it smoked when I tried to use it in india. I contacted microsoft and the have provided a indian version of power adapter. But when I plug in the indian adapter, xbox is not getting switched on. I am worried whether my xbox got damaged or the power adapter is not good. Please help me.


    • venkatarangan

      Most likely you will not have an Online UPS in Home (unlike Offices), so it will be a good idea to connect your UPS to Stabilizer for Indian conditions. I have the problem of frequent power adapters dying before I put one. Please check with your UPS vendor for actual guidance.

  • Harsha

    Thanks Venkat!
    This blog helped me a lot with Kinect I got from US. I got a replacement for power adapter too. But I got an adapter with 16 AMP plug and I don’t have a 16 AMP power point near my TV at all. When I contacted MS, they said that is the standard adapter they give everybody for replacement. As 5 AMP power points are the norm. in most of the households, I am not sure why are they providing 16 AMP one. I see lot of people here got a replacement here, can anybody suggest what should be done now?

    • venkatarangan

      hi harsha, glad it worked for you too. they give 16A because of its current rating. it is better you call an electrician to get a 15A socket with appropriate wiring done. depending on the distance from the nearest point it shouldn’t cost you much compared to Kinect & XBOX price. in the interim you can get a small power box done that goes into a 5A socket and provides a 15A socket output.

      while on the subject, if you live in Chennai or Bangalore where nowadays Voltage Fluctuations and Power surges are common, it is better you invest in a decent voltage stablizier as well. i did one. make sure you get 1KVA or so to cover your XBOX, TV & Kinect.

      • nithin

        my bro bought xbox 360 e from canada ,same power issues and smoke from adapter and adapter dead,thanks for ur blog and we have called to customer care and they said they cannot provide adapter to you we don’t have xbox 360 E indian version what can i do now

    • Mani

      you get a 16A to 5A converter in electrical shops for Rs 50. it works perfectly for me and I did double check with the electrician before buying one. for Xbox power requirement, 5A is good enough.

  • Dinesh

    Thanks a lot dude….nothing much to add here.
    Your two cents mean a lot to me.

    Just one thing for those who come here in future:
    Register your xbox online before you call MS, which helped the service request go smooth.

  • Kalyan

    Thanks a lot Mr. Venkatarangan,got my xbox from the US last sunday,had read your blog that very day and called MS support first thing monday morning.Got my adapter replaced this evening.

    Its due to your blog that i could minimize the tension of burning my adapter.Thanks a lot once again.

  • Suman

    It worked!! I could get a Indian Version of the XBOX Adopter deliver at my door. All Thanks to you. Really appreciate you taking time to compose this note..

  • Naveen

    Hello Mr. Venkatarangan,

    I wanted to drop a word of Thanks for your excellent blog which helped me resolve
    my problem of the XBOX power adaptor.
    As per your suggestion, I called up the microsoft helpline number given and was promptly delivered
    a replacement power adaptor free of cost.

    Thanks a bunch, to you and to Microsoft!!


  • Mani

    if you use a HDMI cable, I think it should work irrespective of the technology (NTSC/PAL) and I assume your TV does have a HDMI port.

    Just to add I’ve got my US power adapter replaced a couple of days back (MS customer care took about a 7 working days for this). They have sent someone who collected the old one and provided me with the Indian adapter. very nice of MicroSoft India for doing this free of cost and Thanks once again to Venkat for sharing this info!!!!

    • Riny

      Mani Can you please share the number to which you called, I tried calling the toll free number-1800 102 1100 from US but I couldn’t get it connected.Please let me know how can I call them and get the adapter replaced.

      Thanks In Advance.

      • Mani

        Yes, its the same toll free number (1800 102 1100) you’ll have to contact them. it is possible that you may not be able to reach them on any mobile network. so try with a different phone.

  • Anu

    Dear All,

    My problem is just the reverse. My TV is NTSC bought from Canada while I bought my Xbox from India (PAL). The system is not supported by NTSC. Please advise what to do. Thnx in advance

  • Hitesh

    Hello All,

    guys i need somewhat diff support. I got one from france. The adapter says 220 v so i suppose that isnt an issue, will be setting it up tomorrow.

    But, don’t we face any problem with the lcds as there r 3 systems, PAL,NTSC and one another( whch i dnt rmmbr) . Kindly advice.

    • Chetan

      I did issue with adapter , Have you recived new from MS and is console working fine or not ?
      I am bit worried abt mine now…its not getting power on. I have get repaired smoked adapter and now using it with 110 convertor but few seconds power went down in console.

  • Ramesh

    Hi All,

    I’m also facing the same problem.

    Do they ship the new adapter via courier or in person?

    Do we need to return the US 110v power adapter?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Vinit

    Just a quick question to all who got the replacement adapter from MS.. Was your XBOX still under warranty period or did they ship the free adapter for xbox whose warranty period (i.e 1 year) has expired .. please let me know.


  • Mani

    Hi Venkat, Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.

    I have a question on exchange/replacement of power adapter. I understand from this forum that MS would mail/courier the replacement to our address once we register our product and request them for a replacement. when exactly should I deposit my US adapter with them?


  • saurabh

    Hi Venkat,

    Excellent post, very much helpful.
    I received my bundle last night and early morning called XBOX support. They didn’t queried much, just the serial number.
    I registered my product before on xbox website so they had relevant infomation.

    Forwarded request immediately and confirmed that Redington, Chennai will contact withing 2 bussiness days. They also told the indian power adapter are currently out of stock which may take 4-5 days to ship. But that’s fine if we getting original india supply adapter.

    Excellent gesture from Microsoft.


  • Sarva

    Venkat – Thanks a million. The MS support no. you mentioned helped me and the converter was delivered in less than 4 working days. Also they called back to confirm receipt!!

  • Suresh

    Thanks Venkataragan. Your blog saved 1000 bugs. I bought a voltage converter last year from ambrit electronics in hyderabad for my nephew’s xbox which I bought in US. I was planning to buy one more voltage converter for my new xbox which I bought 2 weeks back in US. But when I saw you blog called the number you have mentioned. It really worked with in 5 days I got a new adaptor which works in India without any charge. Thanks to you once again.

    Girish, The same number worked for me. I called that number last Friday.

  • Girish

    Hey Guys,
    I am facing the same issue as most of you and ended up smoking my 110V US Adapter. I called the number mentioned above by Venkataragan, but I keep getting recorded message. Has the number changed by anychance? Please do let me know if you guys are aware of the new number. I got my xbox from US couple of days for my brother and now I am not able to use it here. Your help is much appreciated.

    PS: Special thanks for the Venkataragan for taking time to post this blog and also for everyone who cared to acknowledge and reply back

  • Amith

    Really really thankful for this blog. This solved my misery of how to use XBOX in India, without spending on unreliable converters.

    Kudos to owner of the blog.

  • Devi


    I recently bought the xbox 360+kinect in US and replaced the power cord and adaptor as well .Can someone tell me what fuse i should connect to? i mean is it 5Amps or 15amps? please help.

  • Abhijit

    Thanks for this blog, it helps a lot while facing the same problem across the region. Kudos to Microsoft with the help and support. Many Many thanks.

    Enjoy Xbox.

  • ZA

    Hi Satnam,

    1. Microsoft is gonna replace both the plugs and adaptor, so you do not need anything else once you get that.
    2. LG TV bought 3 years ago will definitely play NTSC format too. So you should be all set.

  • satnam

    Hi ,

    I recently bought XBOX 360 4GB with Kinect in US. I will be going back to India in March 2012. I have couple of questions
    1) Can you please tell me if only getting the 220V adapter will make XBOX work in India or i need to purchase a step down transformer.
    2)I read somewhere that XBOX purchased in US is NTSC only and it will not work in TV sets used in India. I have a 3 year old LG television in India. Will my XBOX work on that.

    Thanks in advance

  • sridutt

    thanks a million.. this blog indeed helped me solve a long standing problem with xbox..
    i got an x box from the US..wenever i plugged it into the power socket here in india, the power to the whole house would get cut off.. i tried all measures from a step down transformer to a second adaptor wit AC output.. no way wud the problem resolve.. but on gettin the info here, i called microsoft and a replacement in jus 2 days.. now im enjoying my xbox..

    btw i hav got a small problem.. wen i put an original xbox game into the tray, it says “need a hard drive to be plugged in”.. i formatted a 250gb harddrive to give 16 gb to xbox in fat32 format.. still the same problem persists.. any solutions pls?? or is 16gb too small??

  • shabbir jaliwala

    Thanks a lot guys this was really helpful. And thumbs up for Microsoft support. Extremely quick and efficient. Since I had the console registered with Microsoft they pulled the information for me and I really didnt have to explain nothing. I am awaiting my instructions for the exchange of the US power brick with the one for India.

  • Prashanth

    Thanks for the information sir,I have another question.Should i get Step up transformer which costs about 2,000 rupees or should i get xbox 220v adapter.

  • vinod jakati


    This is a great info … i got my power adapter for Xbox for free from MS.I just made a call to the numbers provided in this blog.. thank you very much for this info….

    • Siddhartha Porwal

      Dear Vinod,

      Me too facing the same problem, it would be grt help if u can send all the correspondence u had with microsoft via email forwarded on my email address porwalsiddhartha @ yahoo… co .. in

      Looking for ur reply and kind help.

      Thanking You,
      With Regards,
      Siddhartha Porwal

  • Prashanth

    My brother in US has bought XBOX 360 4GB NTSC slim model + Kinect. I want to use the model in Chennai,India.Is it enough if i provide the serial number of the xbox or i have to deposit the us xbox adapter.Because I will be getting the xbox in December 8th.I want to do give a request for 110-220v power adapter early as it would take 20 days for microsoft to send the new adapter.I also have another question.Where can i get NTSC games model in chennai?I visited landmark in nungambakkam.They only sell PAL version games.

    • venkatarangan

      Prashanth, first a disclaimer: I am not an authority on this or connected with MS in anyway.

      I will suggest you call up Microsoft in India through the Support website on their exact requirement. I suppose they require a proof of purchase and ownership before they act. In India you will get only PAL games as I believe that is what Microsoft licenses legally in the country. For NTSC games you have to shop online or in grey-market like in Ritchie Street or Burma Bazaar.

  • Rakesh Poojari


    The post from Venkat is really useful. You can also do the online registration at . Make sure you mention the India address. Register your products online ( will ask for serial number) which is available on the product. Once you have registered your product you can select the product and order for a replacement accessory ( power adapter, etc).


  • Dharminder

    Hi sir. I received new xbox 360 s from Canada and I accidently burnt it’s power adapter my problem is that I have not purchase invoice can now MS help me to change power adapter and also suggest me other option like where to purchase new one becoz I live in Punjab thanks in advance

    • venkatarangan

      Dharminder, please call Microsoft and try your luck. Least you should be able to buy a new one. All fails you can get unsupported one from your local/Delhi electronics market.

  • Ram

    Hi Venkat,
    I am glad that I found this blog through google search. I also bought XBOX Kinect from US and the power adapter blew up because of 220v/110v issue. I will contact Microsoft tomorrow and see if they send me a 220v compatable adapter. Thanks a bunch….

  • Suresh Mendu

    Thanks guys, after going through this website and your experiences i have raised a request with microsoft india and i am waiting for the INDIAN AC Adaptor and eager get my hands on my XBOX 360 KINECT. And Microsoft has upto its name for after sales service KUDOS!!!

  • Gaurav Rewari

    I just came across my blog today only but just for the benefit of others even I got a free replacement adapter from microsoft in the month of june. I had to call up the USA customer service register the complain there and then gave the refrence in India customer service to get a free adapter!

  • Abhishek

    This has been one of the BEST blogs I have come across…I got my XBOX 360 from US n got my adapter smoked in India’s 220V funda!…Bought an Indian Adapter for 2300rs.Unfortunate tat I came across this blog later…However, I called up Microsoft n within 24hrs they said that a new India compatible power adapter will be shipped to me!! Amazing!

    Kudos to MS’s customer service and the owner of this blog! :)


  • Murugan

    Thanks for the blog. I faced the same issue. I bought the xbox from US. Eventhough I used a converter (240v to 110v), the adaptor burned. I called Microsoft support and they send me a adaptor free of cost. Thanks.

  • Rajat Chandra

    Hello Venkat,
    Thanks a tonn. This is a brilliant post.

    I got my xbox from the US just yesterday and if only I has read this post earlier my US adapter had been saved. I did not face such kind of a issue with my PS3 and was able to connect it through my UPS just fine.

    When I connected my xbox through the UPS to India voltage it smoked and with a loud noise went dead. The adapter is waste now but I’m really worried about the console itself. Going by the responses nothing must have happened to the console.

    Can anyone re-confirm? I have my new India adapter coming in from Microsoft shortly.


    • Abhishek

      Hi Rajat

      Did your Xbox finally worked?. I too have done the same mistake. But after going through the post, have now ordered for new adapter. However I am too nervous whether my console will work. A positive response from you will at least put my anxiousness level to rest for the time being ;)


      • Chetan


        Me too did the same problem for Adapter, Have you recived new from MS and is console working fine or not ?
        I am bit worried abt mine now…its not getting power on. I have get repaired smoked adapter and now using it with 110 convertor but few seconds power went down in console.

  • Sathya

    Hi Venkat,
    The blog is really useful. I just received xbox from US will call MS. Do we have any options on cd? As we don’t get ntsc games in india.

  • Venkatarangan TNC

    @VishwanathHalkeri, You can also try to buy the direct 220V "DC" Voltage Adapter for your cordless Phone. Ensure you read the DC Voltage correctly and buy a good quality adapter so that it doesn’t damage your phone. This way you will save power that will go wastage on 220V AC to 110V AC then to DC conversion.

  • Vishwanath Halkeri

    I am Vishwanath from Chennai, i saw all the posts and was searching 220VAC to 120V AC adapter for one of my cordless phone brought from USA, finally i found above given number and find it. really i am appreciate for the useful guide.

  • Vivek Rastogi


    Thanks a lot for this post for Xbox 360 Power Adopter. I am facing the same issue as I got my xbox from us just 2 days back and I was trying to get StepDown Transformer. Today I have contacted to Microsoft help center but they require Sr. no. to proceed, so I will try tomorrow. Thanks a lot again.

  • Arps

    I just want to thank you for this blog!
    I bought a XBox 360 with Kinect bundle from the US, and had the same problem of setting it up in India.
    I tried a step down transformer, but it did not work (by the sound that it produced and the smoke, I think it blew the American adapter too!)

    After contacting Microsoft India on the number mentioned on the blog, I received a quick response, and they told me that they would send a Indian adapter and cord as a ‘goodwill’ service.

    And true to their word, we received the adapter and cord absolutely free of charge from Microsoft today! (We did not even have to pay any shipment charges!). ALL cost was borne by Microsoft!

    This was absolutely deligtful! And needless to say that I’m loving my Kinect! :)

    Thanks for the blog post. This was the only place where I found this information!

    PS: The delivery of the cord took about 12 days since I live in a city in Rajasthan, and the cord was being shipped from Chennai. Quite a long time, I say, but what the heck! It solved my problem and I did not have to buy a new cord! :D

  • PJ

    I just bought a xbox 250GB with kinect bundle from the US. Thanks to your blog, the power chord issue could be solved with either Microsoft support or the ritchie street. I have another issue, my T.V is PAL but the xbox I have has NTSC video encoding. I did find some converters but just wanted to be sure if they will be of quality output.

    I was wondering how you handled this. Does the T.V need to support NTSC to get it to work?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Bala

    Hi Venkat,
    I am Bala from Chennai, i saw all the posts and was searching for the possible solution for a smoked Xbox 360 power adapter from the U.S., you post was very helpful, infact it was a saviour!!I got a new Xbox 360 slim from the US and when powered on with the voltage converter it didnt power ON, so i tried putting it directly into indian socket which was of 220 volts and the adapter smoked like crazy , there was a lot of smoke and i thought the xbox blew and it is totally ruined but fortunately i came across your blog and the next day i went to Ritchie street in chennai, found the place Shah and co and got the new adapter for Indian sockets. now the console is also safe and it is working fine. I thought of writing this piece of message as a token of gratitude and also , it might be useful for someone else too..

    Thanks for the help


  • Christopher

    hi.. ‘m using an elite xbox 360 console and it was purchased from the us.. i flashed it at a shop in richie street.. after few months faced red ring of death problem.. so went to richie street and got it fixed for 2k.. again ‘m facing this problem so i want to get it fixed from an authorized service center in chennai.. do u know where to find an authorized service center??

  • rajiv

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks a lot for this info!! i was very worried after purchasing a XBOX from US, was even ready to purchase one from ebay for 6k, but fortunately i came across your blog and got the 220V adaptor for free!!



  • Angad Grewal

    I have recd Xbox Elite Ser. No. 091445594107 purchased in USA today.
    The AC adapter Model HP-A1503R2 has Input AC 100-127 V.
    The power input in INDIA is 220 V.
    Angad Grewal, C-5/2 ADITI Apts, D-1 Janakpuri, N.Delhi
    ( Mobile 9891157117)
    Dear Venkat,
    1. Above is the mail I sent to MICROSOFT on 19 Mar 10. My uncle
    had sent me Xbox Elite from USA, the dilemma being the same- local ‘adapter’
    bought was overheating- a big let down and disappointment being unable to play
    Gears of War. Looking for a solution, stumbled on your blog where lay the perfect
    answer. Contacted MICROSOFT via the above mail and Xbox Service Support- everything
    moved really fast.Xbox Service Support ‘escalated’ my request, they called back in
    a few hours and assured that within two days ‘REDINGTON’ their logistics outfit will contact.
    20 Mar at 10.03 am REDINGTON called to confirm my mailing address.
    2. 24 Mar at 1pm the adapter was delivered FREE OF COST and since then i have been on seventh heaven.

  • Yogesh Tiwari

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for the useful information. I was facing the same issue but after reading your blog, it seems all my problems are solved :-). Thanks a ton.

    Yogesh Tiwari

  • Vasishta

    I’ve bought an xbox 360 in the u.s and I’m facing the same problem. I live in mumbai. I’ve found a voltage converter here but I’m afraid to use it as it might cause damage. The voltage converter is rated 1000W and it converts 220 to 110V but it looks very small for a transformer. Also I’m not sure about the company. Can you give me any information on buying a good converter so that I don’t damage my xbox. Thank you.

    • Bob Marly

      I have an answer. I have an adaptor that is a Forienge Electricity Converter and it converts 220v to 110v. The max power is 100watts. I went total YOLO mode and pulled it in. And it worked! One tiny problem, it overheats in 30 minutes with about a 1 hour 30 minute cool down time. (You may be able to play alittle longer if you have a laptop cooler). It is better than nothing. One thing to put into consideration. The Xbox and probably all of the electricity converters (in the world) have what is called protection cells. Basically it keeps the device from breaking the internal circuitry.