Thanga Magan (தங்க மகன்) follows the last year’s Velaiilla Pattadhari (2014) movie’s super hit combination by Director Velraj and Actor Dhanush.

The story starts with Tamizh (played by Dhanush), his pregnant wife Yamuna (played by Samantha) and his mom (played by Raadhika) settling into a poor neighbourhood. The family is getting over a traumatic experience following the recent suicide of Tamizh’s father (played by K. S. Ravikumar). The latter has been accused of wrongdoing by the Income Tax department where he used to work. In the flashback, we see the love and the break up of Tamizh and Hema (Amy Jackson) incidents leading to Tamizh marrying the Yamuna. In the present Tamizh is clueless about what happened that caused his father to take his own life, this backdrop reminded me of my once favourite hero Ramarajan in Ooru Vittu Ooru Vanthu (1990).  The rest of the film is about how he solves the mystery and takes revenge against the corrupt Income Tax Officer Prakash Kumar (played by Jayaprakash).

Samantha should be appreciated for playing a de-glamourised role as a responsible housewife and mother in the film. For a mass hero like Dhanush, the film has very few fight sequences; thank you, Director.  Instead of harping on the past after his failed love with Hema, Tamizh moves on with his life and loves the Yamuna his wife unconditionally – a relief to watch. Anirudh Ravichander has delivered excellent background music, adding much-needed tempo to the film. There are a few interesting scenes in the last twenty minutes where Tamizh goes after the bad guys responsible for his father’s death. Other than these there is nothing of highlight in the film, the screenplay moves along in expected lines with no twists anywhere and that’s the weakness of the film in spite of some good performance by lead actors.

Thanga Magan (தங்க மகன்) - Samantha & Dhanush

Thanga Magan (தங்க மகன்) – Samantha & Dhanush

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