My twelve-year-old son loved the film, he was jumping from his seat saying “I got to get my school and teachers watch this movie, they have shown it exactly as I feel it“. With Pasanga 2  Director Pandiraj has proven once again he is a master storyteller for children in Tamil cinema. His first film Pasanga had a love story interspersed, but in Pasanga 2 (which is not a sequel other than the title) it’s all about kids and the pressure they face from their parents and schooling for conformity with rules.

Ramdoss and Vidya Pradeep are working parents who have a son Kavin (played by Master Nishesh) who is 7 years old. Karthik Kumar and Bindu Madhavi have a daughter Nayana (played by Baby Vaishnavi) who is the same age as Kavin.  Kavin and Nayana are hyperactive kids studying in different schools, both are unable to fit it into the regular classroom routine. Because of their mischievous behaviour, they get expelled from school after school. Finally, they find themselves in the same school and residential colony where they meet and become friends. In the new school to they get expelled before they are taken by their parents to Dr Tamizh Nadan (played by Suriya), a child psychiatrist who treats their parents and gets them into a school the kids like. All ends well.

The kid Nayana on-screen was cute, when she cries after her parents leave her in a hostel I really felt sorry for her. The way she narrates the Hanuman rescuing Sita story was awesome, in her version of Ramayana, we see Spiderman, Hulk and Dora!.

The first half of the film was entertaining with the two kids fooling around, the second half after the introduction of Suriya and Amala Paul, got the film turned itself into a parenting documentary. I liked the climax where Suriya gets out of the auditorium after the talent competition, which prevented the climax from turning into a cliche. A must watch if you have kids old enough to understand.

Merry Christmas 2015!!!

Pasanga 2 - பசங்க 2

Pasanga 2 – பசங்க 2

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