For about 200 years if it was shopping in Chennai (Madras) it would have been a trip to Parry’s corner aka Town Area which was near to Sowcarpet, Broadway, Mint street & Burma Bazaar. In the 1990s trend changed and the popular shopping destination in Chennai was T.Nagar area which included Ranganathan Street, Panagal Park and Pondy Bazaar. Nowadays there are many malls around the city, but still T.Nagar remains as the go to place for shopping. Today I had to accompany wife to a shopping trip to Pondy Bazaar, while she was hopping from shop to shop, I decided to walk around.

One of the surviving old buildings caught my attention in the busy shopping district. Few years back I saw an old building opposite Express Mall, for some reason it feels good to see old buildings still surviving in this metropolis.


Shopping district in Chennai – T.Nagar Pondy Bazaar

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