Last month for three days, my 12 year old son went for a camp to Coorg, this was the second time he is staying away from his parents, he is becoming a big boy!

The summer camp was called Civet Creek organized by Aavishkaar India, a Chennai based organization which works on getting children out on adventure. There were about 30 or more kids apart from my son, I dropped him in Chennai Central train station on 15th May and picked him back from central on the 19th May 2015. My son was looking forward to this for few weeks and he was really happy with the way the camp was conducted. He was going on and on about the various team activities, games, trekking, tours & campfire that were conducted. Managing so many kids in a camp setup for few days is not an easy task, my kudos to the organizers.

He brought back safely all the items he carried like dresses, a basic Nokia phone (smartphones were not allowed), shoes & Torchlight. I had given him only Rs.230 cash for any emergency and I was not expecting him to bring any part of it back. Surprise!!. We got joyous when he presented me & wife with gifts you see below with that money.


He gifted a peacock earring for his mom, a coin chain for me that I can use with laughing Buddha that I have in my room and a prayer bead chain for his grandparents; all 3 for Rs.230. He was super proud that he even negotiated the price from Rs.600 or so.

A warm hug to my sweet little son.

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