(Flashback date: October 15, 1999)

The other day while going through my photo archives spotted these photos – rows of desktop PCs, bulky CRT monitors and people sitting on ground with wired mouses. I could recognize Windows 2000 in the Monitors, its startup screen had a distinct white background with colours for the Windows logo.


venkat with friends19

What was being done by my colleagues seen above was setting up about half-a-dozen PCs with Windows 2000 Beta (B2). That build was notorious for its stability especially around COM+. We needed COM+ subscriber/publisher model to work across machines and that sub-system worked only on flawless networking. This whole exercise was preparations were meant for Microsoft’s launch event in Chennai for Windows 2000.

COM+ = COM + MTS + Services

With Windows XP technical support expiring with yesterday, you are left wondering how much of then technology has become obsolete quickly!!

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