Wireless headphone


The other day I was looking for a wireless headphone I can connect to my TV to watch without disturbing others in the room. I came across this product from Intex IT HP904FM in Flipkart. I purchased it for Rs.629 (599 + 30 for shipping). Since the price was low I didn’t expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of the device and build. It was comfortable to wear around the ear.

The headphone had many features, Wireless Headphone, Microphone, FM Radio and child monitoring device (the base station is the Microphone). The wireless range was good, working fine everywhere with in a 1500 Sq. Feet apartment, it was extremely easy to pair (just two button press – Reset, Scan). The FM Radio sound was good within the building as well. Overall, a nice buy.


  • K.Rajamani

    For the Transmitter, what is the number of batteries reqd.? I have also purchased the same. The instrument has a socket mentioning 4.5 v, but the comparment for baterries has space only for two cells.

    Hoe do explain this?

    • venkatarangan

      I put in two batteries (AAA) in the transmitter and it worked fine. I also got a power adopter from a local electronics store with 4.5V for Rs.100 and that too works fine, having this saves the trouble of frequent battery changes (I have tested how long the battery lasts).