Last many years I have been having in the office, my Workstation PC connected to two monitors (dual). With dual displays, I can have Outlook (email) or browser open on one screen while working on a Word document or Excel spreadsheet on the other screen. This saves the time of switching between displays, increasing my productivity vastly. If you haven’t tried having two monitors, I urge you to do so immediately – it is the surest and most affordable way to save time in completing your tasks.

Over the years I have upgraded the display size, but the arrangement of two monitors remains. This week my IT team replaced my 22” Samsung LCD displays with brand new 27” IPS displays. They are monstrous and gorgeous at the same time. The model of these two displays is LG 27EA63V-P, IPS Monitors. Each of the monitors costs Chennai Rs.20,900 (~USD 330).

27” IPS Monitors from LG

27” IPS Monitors from LG

Each display continues to operate on 1920 x 1080 Resolution, powered by ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series graphics card with 1GB RAM. I don’t need a more powerful graphic card since I am not using the PC for any Gaming or Video rendering-like workloads. The current graphics card had only a DVI output port, so when selecting this monitor we ensured it has DVI Port, apart from HDMI (for connecting all modern devices including my Surface Pro).

Ports seen in the rear of LG 27EA63V-P 27” IPS Monitor

Ports in the rear of LG 27EA63V-P 27” IPS Monitor

One thing I didn’t like was the separate power brick (which comes in the box) instead of connecting the main supply (100-230V AC) directly to the monitor. In summary, the vividness of the colours, wide viewing angle, and brightness due to LED backlighting makes it a good choice.

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