I have been using a Kindle DX for almost 4 years now, when it came that 9 inches device with 5 way trackpad was great. But over the years smaller, lighter device have come out and touch has become the norm. So I was looking forward to upgrading to a newer Kindle. Which is what I did now. When I was in the USA last I got my nephew to gift me a Kindle Paperwhite 3G (2nd generation).

This new generation is super cool with built in light, much lighter than Kindle DX or iPad and as with all Kindle ereaders the fabulous eink that is less strenuous on your eyes. I hope to many more books with this device in coming months.


Instead of buying the expensive flip leather case cover from Amazon.com I got a cheaper one from a 3rd party from Amazon.in for Rs.900. It feels comfy and has a similar magnetic closure (auto wake up/sleep feature).

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