Book Review


I have been reading the book Googled– “The End of the World As We Know It”  by Ken Auletta for many months now.  Half-way through the book, I wrote my early comments on the subject in this February blog post, completing the second half of the book took a long time. The Author has done extensive research on Google, over 150 interviews with the top management and people in Google over 2+ years and the book is the best biography of Google written till 2009. But the book reads more like a management report & interview quotes. It would have been more readable and enjoyable had the author told it with a story, yeah story-telling is what that was missing in the book. Otherwise a good biography especially for those in Media & Publishing industry. The last few chapters cover in detail on how Google sees Media Industry, how Google impacts the Media & Publishing Industry and so on.

Now I am looking forward to next books about Google – In the Plex and I’m Feeling Lucky.