I installed the “O The Oprah Magazine” app for iPad. It is an interactive magazine with super sharp photographs, videos, audio, social integration, shopping and more – all integrated. Each month’s issue is a separate download with embedded video and all artefacts packaged into one and no individual loading time to wait. Current 2 months issues are priced at $3.99 each with older issues free!.

Oprah - What I know for sure

Oprah – What I know for sure

The app feels fine and is fun to read. App provides us with a true multimedia experience that’s difficult to get on a PC/Mac and impossible on conventional media like Newspaper or TV. If this is the future of magazines then I want more of it, so will the readers around the world who enjoy fine journalism.

Note: I did the first version of this post from my iPad2 using an app called Blog.net connecting to my dasBlog server.

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