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Lord Ganesha idol being dropped in well

பிள்ளையார் சதுர்த்தி முடிந்து விக்கரகத்தை வீட்டின் கிணற்றில் போடுவது.

I have joined the rest of the world in posting common-happenings on YouTube. For this post, it took me a good amount of persuasion to get my wife to handle the camera for the 20 seconds needed to take this video!

Video Description: Every year few days after the Ganesh Chaturthi aka Vinayaka Chaturthi (Lord Ganesa’s birthday celebrations), the clay idols are dropped into a water-well or in the sea. It is a common tradition in many parts of India. The video shows me dropping into our water well. Since the idols used in houses are made of clay with no chemicals added it is environmentally friendly too.

Technical Details: This video was recorded with Flip Ultra HD camera and I used the new “Windows Live Movie Maker” (WLMM) to edit the video and publish it to YouTube. You read it correctly – WLMM now supports MP4 formats and a direct one-button upload to Google’s YouTube.