Nowadays travelling to Bangalore from Chennai, by flight is not time-saving anymore. The new Bangalore Airport is more than 1:30 Hours from the city and on top of you have 1 hour of security checks and queues. So I prefer train travel, to go to Bangalore from Chennai and when you travel by a train you can reach directly into the city.

Today I had to go to Bangalore and I couldn’t get a ticket in Shadabthi Express, so I had to resort to flight. With my frequent flyer points in Jet Airways, I got a free ticket and thanks to the reduced fuel prices I had to pay only Rs.450 as taxes. Reaching Bangalore I skipped the taxi service and took the Air-Conditioned Vayu Vajra buses to the city. It was very comfortable and affordable at Rs.150 from New Airport to HAL III Stage (Old Airport). You have a friendly crew on the bus, racks in front at comfortable heights to store your big bags and good ambience with FM music. Overall I highly recommend taking the bus to and from the new Bengaluru International Airport.

To book the tickets and know about schedules visit the BMTC Bus Service site. You can check this site to know more about Bengaluru Internation Airport in general.

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