I bought a Macbook Air

I never thought I will buy an Apple Mac as my primary PC (laptop) but I did just that today. After nearly a month of thinking, I finally bought a Macbook Air to replace my aging Sony Vaio TX57GN laptop. The machine looks irresistibly beautiful.

I bought it from the Apple Store in Bellevue Square, the whole experience was smooth. A floor person did the entire transaction from his handheld (it looked like it ran Windows CE) including Credit Card charging, signature capture. Since I have been to Apple online before, he told they had my email Id and will send me an email receipt and not waste paper by printing it. WOW that was impressive.

Now look at the cool bag (below) they gave to carry all the stuffs that I bought including the Air and its accessories.

Macbook Air carry bag

And look at the sleek boxes (below). Simple, clean and efficient – I could open all of them with my bare hands and never needed a scissor.

macbook air boxes

I then wanted to do the envelope test with both the Macbook Air and my Sony Vaio, both passed it well. Sony Vaio going in with room to spare on the width but less impressive than the Macbook when it comes to thickness.

macbook air inside an envelope Sony Vaio TX57GN inside an envelope

I started used it for 5 minutes now – will keep you posted on how it goes. One thing is sure I will install Windows Vista in this in few days :-)

Update: After I started using it I found that the “Delete” key was stuck and not functioning properly. I visited the Apple Store at Bellevue Square, WA again and I was scheduled a time slot in the evening 4PM to meet a “Genius”. The sales person simply refused to even see the machine, their argument being once sold we got to contact Apple Service over phone (or) schedule an appointment with Genius. So going for the 3rd time to the Apple store I went to the “Genius” bar, where they identified the problem to be DOA (Defect on Assembly I suppose) and promptly replaced with a new one. They said since Macbook Air is a new machinery it takes some time for the assembling machines to settle and perfect the process. Anyways, I was glad they at least changed the unit before my return trip to India.

One thing that surprised me is that the Apple Store at Bellevue Square, WA being crowded all the time. During my three visits there every time I saw around 50 people in the store. This was the first time I am seeing a computer/electronics store in a mall crowded. I guess Apple has perfected the “Consumer” magic.

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7 Thoughts to “I bought a Macbook Air”

  1. Kiran

    Venkat –

    can you guide me here? if i were to purchase a applecare extended warranty in the US – would it be honored in India? what did you do for your macbook air?


    may 05 mon 1435

  2. Testing commenting from Safari..

  3. kiran

    venkat –

    doa stands for dead on arrival which means it is a malfunctioning laptop. do keep updating your experience especially on the os. incidentally the next presentation you make, hope you will use keynote



  4. Kiran: I tend to agree that MacBook Air has removed too many features to get to this form factor. I have just now started to install a real Work OS (Vista) and I will use for few days/weeks before I give my final verdict. But as of now I find my existing Sony Vaio TX57GN at 1.25KGs, 11.1" wide LCD to be better in comparison to Air in terms of features. My Sony Vaio has 2 USB Ports, Firewire, VGA Out, DVD Writer (In built), Mouse Right-Click, Insert Key, Backspace Key, DVD.

    So as of now I am attracted to Air for its coolness. In the long run, I may go for a Thinkpad X300 or another Sony Vaio or a Toshiba as my Ultralight laptop.

  5. Kiran

    Venkat –

    Thanks for your reply. The tax really skewered whatever savings (down from Rs 9000 what i originally envisaged to Rs 5000). Also i am surprised at your choice – i somehow feel the macbook air has removed too many features to get the form factor (i jokingly refer to the must always compromise book air).


  6. 1) I bought the Macbook Air from Apple Store in Bellevue Square, so I did pay Washington State Sales Tax @8.9%. The same percentage of sales tax is applicable if I had bought in Internet and used a Washington State shipping address. For other states Salex Tax varies – but in my experience I found California and Washington to have high Sales Tax rates. Unfortunately in USA, there is refund of tax for tourists even if I have bought it with my personal money.

    The good news was the store extended a cool 4-8% (depending on the individual item) corporate discount as this was bought by my company registered in USA.

    2) There was no issue on bringing it to India – now they are very relaxed I suppose.

  7. Kiran

    venkat –

    congrats. two quick questions
    1. did you have to pay any sales tax on the macbook air? apparently the price they normally publish excludes sales tax
    2. when you bring it into india if you are already carrying an official laptop does brining another become an issue?

    i am asking this because one of my friends is thinking of picking up a macbook from the USA and bring it to india


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