• In Silverlight Media is a first class citizen
  • In Silverlight 1, you needed to use Javascript in browser as the programming model, now in Silverlight 2 there is managed code as an additional programming model
  • Silverlight 2 supports WMV 10 Pro Audio Codec in addition to other codecs supported in SL 1.0
  • IIS 7 Media Pack allows bit rate throttle to save cost and also supports Web Playlists (so user cannot ask for the 4th file without watching 3,2,1) in ASX format
  • Combining with markers from Expression Encoder you can set up markers. So that the first few seconds of video gets downloaded at full speed, then it only leads by few seconds as configured
  • Playready for Silverlight 2 is a client and server side components for DRM. There is a client side additional downloaded that is needed for more DRM support
  • Silverlight 2 supports only online DRM protected content, meaning everytime there is a DRM protected content then it goes online to License Server
Microsoft ScottGu in Mix '08

Microsoft ScottGu in Mix ’08

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