Chris Wilson from IE talked about the new features.

  • Beta1 is all about developer and web authors features, getting the platform ready. A later beta will have user experience improvements
  • Predictable Experience for Users:
    • Domain Name is Highlighted in Address bar
    • Improved Manage Add-Ons Experience
    • Improved ActiveX: Per User ActiveX Install without admin, Per-Site ActiveX Controls, DEP/NX code execution prevention
    • Users Sites & Applications must continue to work with a new browser
  • Improved User Productivity
    • IE 8 is resilient after crashes – the frame continues to run, only the tabs gets reloaded
    • Support unlocking the web with W3C ARIA
    • Improved Zoom capability (Page layout is preserved)
    • Everyone uses lots of web services and it is manual.For this, there are Activities now. It is implemented with OpenService. As a service provider, you can check for your service is installed, if not prompt for install. ( has a sample)
    • Portions of a page is important, that’s where Web slices come. ( has a sample). It uses the Windows Feed infrastructure to keep it refreshed.
    • Complete CSS 2.1 Compliance
      • Generated Content and Counters
      • New ‘display’ values for tables
      • Outlines
      • CSS 3 Box-Sizing Property
      • CSS 3 Vertical Text
      • Unbiased CSS Test suites
  • All IE8 CSS/JS have a debugger in the box.
  • Most of the performance problems were Network Perf is frequently the problem
    • In Broadband the parallel connection limit increased to Six from two
    • JScript improvements
    • CSS Selector API
  • HTML 5.0 Offline storage, offline/online events

Beta 1 is available from here | Complete coverage on IE 8 can be read from IE blog.

Mix 2008 - Leveraging Local Storage in IE

Mix 2008 – Leveraging Local Storage in IE

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