Zune Speakers

I am not much into listening to music on the move. Most of the audio I listen happens in my car, office room or in my home office. So I use my Zune most of the time to show the pictures in the Living room TV to my parents using the Zune A/V cables. I tried to put Zune to better use by connecting it to a Car Kit and tune into FM from the Car stereo, but the reception was very bad. Lastly I thought the best use of Zune will be to listen to songs in my home office and retire my conventional CD/Cassette player.

So recently I got from Amazon – the Altec Lansing speaker set for Zune which includes an automatic charger for Zune. I am impressed with the voice quality and the remote is convenient too. I recommend this speakers if you have a Zune, unfortunately no Bose Speakers are yet out for Zune, but I am not missing it.


  • Kiran:
    1) It is not about price. Especially if you want latest books that just got released, you need to wait in India for 3 Months bfore you get it. And remeber Amazon has some great deals, espcially pre-order were prices tend to be 20-30% lower than the cover price. So add shipping of about $10 per book or $15 per package, you will get it in comparable price.

    2) DVD Movies and Blank Media will definitely be classified as Electronics. Anything other than books are not treated kindly.

  • A follow-up

    Do items like DVD Movies and Blank media come under the definition of electronics and custom hassle?


  • Venkat –

    Could you give me a ball park – lets say you pick up three books for about $35 – what would be shipping?
    And also is there any chance of knowing they don’t ship when placing an order?

    Also isn’t it cheaper to buy books in india especially with the 10-15% discount one gets?


  • Hi Kiran:
    If the items I am buying in Amazon are books (which is the case most of the time), I have it shipped directly to India and it comes perfect. I have tried their cheapest international shipping option, which gets delivered in Indian through Postal Department and that too comes in few weeks – fastest I have got is about 10 days.

    If it is electronic items, they don’t ship abroad and also I don’t want to get into our Customs hassle. I have the electronic items bought in Amazon from India, but have it shipped to my coworkers/friends address in USA. Then get it to India through someone who is coming from there. Works always!!!

  • Venkat –

    You are the best person to answer. Do you place orders from Amazon sitting in India and do they deliver to this country?
    If so what are the typical shipping times and how much extra for shipping?


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