Free Stock Images

One challenge while you are blogging is to find appropriate photos (stock images) that are free for usage. While Google and MSN Image Searches will list images, they may not come with right to use. I normally try and substitute with the photos I have taken – of course this is not possible always. For these scenarios I found these sites that offer Royalty Free Images.

  1. Stock.XCHNG (Tons of Free Images)
  2. Morguefile (Also free images)
  3. iStockPhoto (Not free, but Affordable prices)
  4. Corbis (Excellent images but expensive)
  5. GettyImages (One more Paid Site with good images)

Free image downloaded from Free image downloaded from Stock.XCHNG


  • Venkatarangan TNC

    Vasu: I never thought of FlickR that way before, for me and many others it is more of an online image album for sharing between friends and family. Anyways if the license says so, so be it :-)

  • Vasu Ramanujam

    Have you tried Flickr or any other sites that give ‘creative commons’ licence ?

    Infact, in a recent presentation that i found on, the entire deck consisted of images taken from Flickr ( ofcourse, attributed to the rightful owners).

    May be,that could provide additional footprint in your search for quality photos to go with your articles :-)