Two Wheeler Driving

Today while driving to office from home, a two-wheeler narrowly escaped from getting hit by my car.  It happened in front of Ayodhya Mandapam, West Mambalam. An elderly person was driving the motorbike, straight from the opposite street to ICICI Bank which is on the other side of Arya Gowda road without even glancing for the traffic flowing on the main road. I was driving towards Brindavan street and had to stop my car with all the energy applied to the brake pedals. Thank God, my Opel Corsa stopped within Centimetres of the bike, otherwise, the impact would have been fully on the bike and the rider.

I wanted to shout at the bike driver for his carelessness, but as I said he was a grandfather figure looking very respectful, he apologised, so I moved on. Anyways, what is the use in arguing with him, the act has been committed?

Please share your similar driving incidents in the comments below.


  • Jeba Paulaiyan

    Similar incident happened to me while I was in college at Tirunelveli. Myself and 3 other friends escaped from attending classes and decided to go to a movie (Roja koottam). We were on 2 bikes and I was riding my newly purchased LML Energy FX. While we were in the Palayamkottai-Tirunelveli bye-pass riding at 60km/hr, a young man (working in a nearby carriage) riding on a TVS-XL entered our main road from a mud road which is perpendicular. He was trying to make a left turn and join our road. He came in such a speed that he could not control his vehicle and came just in front of me. I applied my brakes with all my foot strength, but unfortunately crashed with the TVS-XL. Me, my friend and the man on the other bike skided for around 5 to 6 metres. Luckily I was wearing Jeans which saved my thighs (my jeans was torn to pieces). The man on the other bike was screaming louder. Moved with his sound we took him to a nearby hospital and treated him for Rs.2000 and his bike for Rs.1000 My bike required Rs500 of treatment. During college days in 1998-2002, it was a large amount for me to hide from my parents. I was even successful in hiding my scars from my parents as I did not go to home from hostel till I got cured:-)