Having nothing else do on a Sunday Evening, we went to Chennai Trade Fair at Island Grounds. Though we have gone there few years before, my wife was skeptical whether we will like it now – but we certainly had a good time. My son certainly enjoyed the Toy Train ride and the huge open spaces.

For me, I do go to the fair every few years once – the event happens every year for 3 months from Jan 15 (Pongal Day). Whenever I do go to the trade fair it brings nostalgic days when my father used to take me there as a kid there in his scooter. Recollecting the fun those days this simple 5 KM trip and the fair brought to me, I definitely don’t get it even when I am in Las Vegas. I was sharing my wife, when you are kid you get “happy” with a 2 Rupee toy / train ride, but as an adult with each year, your “happiness” becomes more and more expensive.


Above photo taken in 1999, 9 years back


Photo for illustration purposes. Taken 9 years back

If you are in Chennai, this is certainly a good place to go. Be prepared to pay Rs.30 (US$0.70) for Car Parking – which is 3 times the normal parking fee you pay in Chennai.

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