Yesterday Hutch-Microsoft soft launched Mobile Search in their PlanetHutch Portal. PlanetHutch ( is a web portal accessible only by Hutch Mobile Subscribers in India who have a GPRS capable handset and Data Services enabled. Though Google-Airtel have announced a similar service, the Live Search from Microsoft is the first to market in India.

To quote from Jaspreet Bindra, MSN India Country Manager “What this means is that the default search bar on the Hutch WAP portal is branded Live. The service is both on-deck and off-deck search: If you type ‘Aishwarya’ the search results will give you Aishwarya related content (music, wallpapers, etc.) on the PlanetHutch portal, as well as Web search results for ‘Aishwarya’ “

So why am I writing this here, because I am proud that at Vishwak we worked with Microsoft in developing the backend content integration modules for this service. Vishwak is also the “Development and Operations Partner” for Microsoft in the PlanetHutch portal for last 4 years.

Jaspreet Bindra (MSN India Country Manager) visiting-Vishwak

Jaspreet Bindra (MSN India Country Manager) visiting Vishwak Solutions

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