Director Raju Murugan, who is known for his serious subjects, has directed an action comedy film called Japan (2023) featuring Karthi. The film was highly anticipated after the impressive trailer release. However, after watching the film, I was left unsure of what genre it belonged to. Despite the effort put in by Karthi and the crew, the absence of a plot and direction resulted in a lacklustre film. Mangoidiots give it a Rotten.

Karthi plays the role of an expert thief by the name of Japan, made in India. The story opens to be a spoof on the many money heist films that seem to be in fashion nowadays. Then it transforms into a rivalry between police officers – for the next two hours we are left confused on whether the officers are comedy police or real detectives. After this, the film becomes a blackmail story, to finally ending as a criticism of the system.  Until the climax, the character of Japan was a bit odd, but it kept us watching, then the flashback came for no reason and spoiled that too.

The role of Anu Emmanuel gets forgotten even before it appears onscreen. Jithan Ramesh has played the role of a local gangster well, hope to see him in more films. Vagai Chandrasekhar was impressive.

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