This probably is the first book that I finished with in days of buying it.

I bought the book “One Night @ the call center” by Chetan Bhagat during my visit to the Annual Chennai Book Fair 2007. Bhagat is a graduate from IIT Delhi and author of Five Point Someone. Though I haven’t read his earlier book – I got interested by the story line which as the name suggests is about working in a call center and a phone call from God.

With in days of the book fair, I had two long flights [Chennai to London, London to Seattle]. I finished most of the book in the two flights and the balance pages over the first day in Redmond, WA. Completing a book is probably the only good thing for me of doing these long flights. If in town, I would have never finished a book so quickly.

Anyways, coming back about the book. This is a light reading book and I liked the way the author has made no attempt to make it a literary work. Bhagat has tried and captured largely the pulse of India’s call centers – though he has dramatized by a bit of artifically added romance and sex. The phone call from God, was more an anti-climax for me, I wish Bhagat could have continued the tempo by handling this bit a little better.

A enjoyable read and definitely worth for Rs.95 (Two Dollars) !


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