Lage Raho Munnabhai review. I don’t understand “Hindi” beyond the basics, so I was sceptical about how much I will like the movie and understand the jokes. But the English subtitles were really useful and well done I enjoyed the movie 100%. I laughed and laughed, that I had to control myself during several instances from being heard by my fellow passengers. I didn’t know Sanjay Dutt could do this well in a comedy performance, I always imagined him to be an action hero (pardon my ignorance of Hindi Movies). The director Rajkumar Hirani has done a fabulous job of giving a movie of world-class quality in the presentation style.

Though it is sad that “Gandhian” philosophy has to be shown to be followed by a Gunda, it was given in a nice fashion. And finally, Vidya Balan was looking beautiful throughout the movie!

Footnote: I was travelling on the Jet Airways flight from Chennai to Singapore, and I watched this film. Since I got a Business Class upgrade, they gave me a Personal Video System – which was a small Fujitsu Lifebook laptop with customized hardware and software.

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